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Jan 3, 2017
    1. tallgeese2
      I got a 03 wrx, when im let of the gas i get this rototing grinding sound but it gos away if i push the clutch in or push the gas pedal back down. im thinking its the throw out bearing but i had that replaced last summer. any ideas?
    2. spider007
      I would like to replace my clutch on 03 WRX. Can you guys help me out?

    3. tarheel3245
      hey again. quick question. subaru of kennesaw had to put a new exhaust on my car because it couldnt pass emissions and it had been fine for about 2 weeks but last night my check engine light came back on and it is the same code as before they put an exhaust on it. PO442 and now it is struggling to accelerate and from 0-30mph it is basically slow as hell unless i put it to the floor and the turbo kicks in. i plan on taking back up to subaru this week but if they cant help me out i was wondering what you would charge to figure out what is up with the car and what is going to be needed to fix it. thanks again
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