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Discussion in 'Allpro Subie Service & Performance' started by blaze_cunnings, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. So I just recently got my STI back from Allpro.

    All I can say is awesome guys to work and do business with. After some unforeseen circumstances, and having to go through getting a new shortblock, the guys at Allpro were patient and very nice to work with.

    They worked out with me on when I needed the car back, helped me sort out a lot of problems, and were just overall respectable guys to do business with.

    I especially appreciate Brandon and Ryan working with me through this whole process.

    Journal update soon!
  2. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    I'm still waiting someone to have a neg feedback with allpro. Def a good bunch of guys, know their stuff, and will work with you.

    I had done my alignment with them. After they did an hour worth of work, and finding what caused my alignment to be so off, didn't even charge me a penny, even after I insisted.
  3. jdmyourlife

    jdmyourlife Member

    Glad to see AllPro getting such great comments. Good job guys.
  4. Raziel1

    Raziel1 Member

    Pat never sent me my ALLPRO Sticker!!!
    Considering that's the worst thing I can say about them must mean they're doing pretty good business!
    I got a phenomenal price on some used parts last year and Pat even hooked me up with a DJ gig!

    ALLPRO is a win win situation every time. Much Respect!
  5. RSConvert

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    Dang I want one for your HONDA?


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