Atlanta Region SCCA Points 6 - This Sunday (8/7) @ Turner Field

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  1. ApexShift

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    Come join the Atlanta Region SCCA for Points #7 at Turner Field. There are already a number of Subis that are involved and All Pro Subaru and some friends will be coming back to attack the sea of cones (rumor is Brandon is trying to get Project Fozzy up and running for the event).

    Help create a huge Subi showing for this cheap way to learn your cars limits, while having a blast! All you need to bring is you (and money of course), no additional safety mods needed (unless you have no seatbelts or something crazy like that) and we have loaner helmets.

    To sign-up for Points 7, (Last day to register: Sat Aug 6, 2011 at 9:00 pm):

    Time Only Runs - You may sign up in Time Only as your class in either the morning session or the afternoon session. Times will not officially be recorded or posted in results. Additional time only runs will no longer be allowed on a walk-up basis. We are offering a separate registration for additional Time Only runs, and there will be a cap of 20 participants.

    Novice Orientation - Atlanta Region offers one of the finest novice programs in the country! Our novice class is limited to 20 participants each event. You will receive information on how to prepare for your first autocross experience after registering. Please be advised: Payment for those participating in the novice orientation class will be collected within 2 days of signing up. Questions? Check out our forum on for more info on our Novice Orientation Program. The Solo 101 thread gives you very pertinent information.

    To get an idea of what to expect as a novice, watch this video:

    Turner Field Schedule:

    7:45 am - Gates open
    8:15 am - Morning Tech opens
    8:30 Check-in opens
    9:15 am - Morning Tech and Check-in close
    10:00 am - First car off for first half of morning session
    11:00 am - Novice Orientation
    12:30 pm - Afternoon Tech opens
    12:45 Check-in opens
    1:00 pm - Morning session wrapped up, course open for walking
    1:30 pm - Afternoon Tech and Check-in close
    2:00 pm - First car off for afternoon session (including Novice)

    For any other questions, please visit our forums:

    Also, please check out our region newsletter:
  2. Matto357

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    Now I wish I was leaving for vacation two days later than I am
  3. ApexShift

    ApexShift Member could come back a little early :)

    Next event is Sept 11th at Turner Field, just make sure you're back by then and you're good.
  4. RSConvert

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    Registration ends at 9pm today to register.
  5. Stetson

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    I'll be there -let's have a strong subie showing!

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