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  1. crash#2

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    regardless of the last write up (no flame here just justifying my buy), i just purchased and installed BC type-br coilovers for the ol' crash, and i really do love them. i think that for the money they can't be beat. as far as a low buck comparison, compared the alex#2's (wrx-wrc) 240 on megan racing they feel ten time more comfortable and less bouncy but are still incredibly stiff, and have good dampening> going to grand turismo east soon for an alignment and corner balance then i'll really be able to tell how much i like them. either way it's a much better set up than stock shocks and prodrive springs in my opinion. [​IMG]
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  2. siegelracing

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    ^1 Yep. I haven't heard any negatives about the BC's. We can usually get them in about 3 days too ;)

  3. WRX_Tico

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    how much were they if you dont mind me asking
  4. wagunz_pwn

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    new or used?
  5. GTscoob

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    So lets plan a mountain day in 2 weeks or so. . . I need a ride in Alex's car too now that its kosher.

    Paint your side skirts!
  6. crash#2

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    1k new

    right on bobby. mikes ready to go too.
  7. siegelracing

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    We've got them for $999 shipped ;)


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