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  1. nik_05STi

    nik_05STi Member

    Any recommendations for brake pads on '05 sti. I don't need full racing pads, just for daily driving. Any direct links for good deals will help.

  2. Matto357

    Matto357 Crazyazn likes Naps Staff Member

  3. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    Carbotech pads but they dust.

    I dont think I will ever use Hawk pads again.

    Don't laugh but the Advance Auto Platinum Pads are pretty bad ass for a daily driven car and they are cheap when used with a coupon.
  4. nik_05STi

    nik_05STi Member

    I've used duralast gold ceramics in the past from autozone. They had a decent life span. Was going to try stop tech but read multiple reviews about them squeaking. I'll have to read up on the advanced platinum pads. I haven't tried hawk pads yet, heard good and bad things for those
  5. TougeFighter

    TougeFighter Member

    We are fans of Project Mu pads. We have NS400 on our BRZ and the BFORCE on our '13 WRX. Both held UP WELL on the last Dragon trip.

    The NS400 are ProMu's street pad and provide better performance than the Stoptech's with low dust and low noise.

    The Bforce offer slightly more bite and a little more dust when really putting them to use. Noise is still considerably low, we have only notice a small squeak during these cold days and even then it is not as bad as Hawk HP+ would provide.


    Just send us a PM and we will get you a good price on whatever route you decide go, even if its not Project Mu.
  6. Sam

    Sam Mrs. Sparta

    I have the Project Mu BForce pads and could not be happier. The noise is MINIMAL and I mean MINIMAL. Slight sound while breaking at lights but that's it and it goes away once the brakes are warm. The performance was great at TougeFest, no brake fade at all. If you are looking for an upgraded option from stock, I would go with these. Plus the cool teal color is just a bonus lol.

    Plus noise just = Badass
  7. J-Rad

    J-Rad New Member

    I've used a slew of pads on my various cars before this one, but the first set of pads I bought after stock were Carbotech's and MY GOD, they were awesome. Hawks, Greenstuff, nothing held a candle to them.

    My only hesitation is their price. I drive my Stella like a crazy person far more often than I should, and I thoroughly utilize the excess braking ability. Often. If I didn't, or had a less sporty car in general, i would be hard pressed to justify a 300 dollar set of brakes. I love them, but if I didn't use them, that's a big waste.
  8. LoveMyNewSoob

    LoveMyNewSoob Member

    I have the Hawk HP+ for track (which is not what you are looking for) and they are VERY squeaky.
    I also have the Hawk HPS for daily driving and have been very happy with them for replacing the factory Brembos. I just sprayed off the car the other day was very impressed with how little dust there was compared to Brembo and HP+. No squeak so far.
  9. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    Always Hawk for me
  10. nygiant

    nygiant Member

    less than 100 bucks for f/r pads, stoptechs are hard to beat. When I first tried them, I had major issues with vibrations during highway speed braking, but that eventually went away. Now I'm on my second set and they're still great.
  11. Stetson

    Stetson Member

    I agree on the stoptech pads. I have them on my '02 which is primarily a street car, but it does make the occasional TGPR appearance and the stoptech pads have been fine.

    If you are going to go to the track more often I do prefer Hawk, but for a car that will primarily be on the street I say stoptech all the way. I believe you can order them from RockAuto.

  12. flat_4ATL

    flat_4ATL Member

    great info guys! thanks. but are most of you using OEM rotors? ill have to check out the prices on these carbo techs, and NS400 and Bforce
  13. LoveMyNewSoob

    LoveMyNewSoob Member

    I am currently using stock rotors. May upgrade once their done...
  14. Stetson

    Stetson Member

    Stay with stock rotors. You will find that rotors that are drilled while looking cool tend to fail or crack at the holes. Especially under track conditions where you are heating and cooling them rapidly.

  15. LoveMyNewSoob

    LoveMyNewSoob Member

    Hmmm, any feedback on slotted? That's what I was going to upgrade to...
  16. Stetson

    Stetson Member

    Depends on what you are trying to do. If you are planning on never taking your car to the track then an 'upgrade' to slotted/drilled is really just something you are going to do for appearance.

    If you are going to be going to the track, then you really just need to have quality pads and fluid. Your stock brembo calipers with the stock rotors will be fine with quality pads and fluid. I have had my 2011 STI at TGPR, Road Atlanta and Barber Motorsports Park with the stock brembos and stock rotors with Hawk pads and I thought it was great. No fade.

    Your STI has great stuff on it from the factory. Think of it this way - your car came with the big brake kit already installed. Buy some decent pads and you'll be good to go as far as brakes go.
  17. Mike@TSM

    Mike@TSM Member

    Could not agree more with this! Good pads and fluid is all that is needed for 99% of cars.
  18. LoveMyNewSoob

    LoveMyNewSoob Member

    Thanks for the feedback. That is what i currently have for my "track a couple times" set up. Hawk HP+ pad and Motul 600 fluid. I have had some stud issues and been given feedback on upgrading to slotted rotars. Just testing the local knowledge base for more info. :)
    Sorry to hijack thread too...i digress.

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