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Discussion in 'General Community' started by skWRX, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    So some of you may have seen this on facebook already but as a member of the wonderful forum that I get some much knowledge from. I wanted to share my awesome ( not really ) day with you.

    So it's 430 on Buford hwy in chamblee, ga by the CDC building. Headed back to the office waiting for rush hr traffic to move alone. As I wait at the light listen to my podcast a nice bang happens a see a pole get close to me I turn left a bit end up on a hill. Next you know I have a cop asking mate if I'm ok. Taking a moment to realize I just got hit. I say I'm ok. A man walks up and says I'm sorry I'm sorry. In my head I'm like I don't know how to respond to you right now. You and your f350 can go somewhere with your apologies. I know he felt bad but still. I'm happy to be alive. It could have been worse if I hit the pole.
    So here is the end result. Hopefully this is not a end to her story, and it's just a midlife crisis.


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  2. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    prepare for the worst and hope for the best

    I hope you have better luck than I. The ghettobitch that plowed into me a few months back had zero insurance and now has a warrant for failure to appear.
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  3. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    That's crazy. Now in my own perspective I feel every tag should be getting checked when a cop drives by to get the ppl that don't deserve to be on the road off.

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  4. Armando21

    Armando21 New Member

    Good news is you were okay. Lovely car has it been fixed?

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  5. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    No. appraisal should be done by Thursday

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  6. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    Seems there is a wait time before the uninsured hit the list, GSP ran wants and warrants for driver and passenger when I was hit. Passenger went to jail, car was impounded and driver called a ride. GSP didn't verify current coverage at the time but I'm sure it will added to the other charges that go along with "failure to appear."
  7. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    Borther I am sorry to see this happened...once you get the estimate logon to carvana, plug in all the info as if you were selling your car. you will need to put in the prices for the damages and they will give you a price for your car and a nuber that they are taking off due to the wreck. use that price for what your diminished value would be. when my wifes car got hit the ins. tried to give us $100 for diminished value...carvana said they were taking off $860. I submitted that info from carvana to the ins. company and we got an $800 diminished vlue check instead of the $100 they origanily offered. Do not let the insurance company push you may also want to go ahead and get an attorney and maybe go see a ciropractor also.

    best of luck man and glad you walked away fairly safe!
  8. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    Thanks man that's great info. I will definitely use that. I walked away yes but not with out some bruising. I got a attorney working on the personal and workers comp part.

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  9. Spike70

    Spike70 New Member

    How's your car doing now?
  10. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Second @Spike70's question – what's the latest update on this?

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