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  1. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Just wanted to formally introduce myself... I'm Justin from Atlanta. I've always been a huge Honda guy and recently decided to completely jump out of my comfort zone. So far I'm having so much more fun with the subaru mainly due to the fact I'm having to research and learn all new info then I'm used to. Ill show a couple pics of the cars I've put together over the past couple years and then show the STI I bought about a month ago and show what it looks like now.

    96 Honda Civic

    94 Acura Integra

    98 Honda Civic (Super Street Jan '12)

    My Wife's Old 98 GS300

    07 Tundra I traded in for my STI

    And now my pride and joy...

    2008 OBP STI


    Invidia Catless DP
    Invidia Q300
    Cobb Accessport
    H&R Springs
    Eibach Front Sway Bar
    Eibach Rear Sway Bar
    Enkei NT03 18x9.5 +40
    Continental 265/35r18
    Megan Racing H-Brace
    Chargespeed style Lip
    Black Housed headlights and foglight Surround
    Shaved Emblems
    Pioneer Avic-920BT
  2. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Little update:
    -SS1 block
    -dom 1.5
    -lots of bolt ons
    -moton clubsports
    -front stop tech trophy (355 6 pot)
    -rear stop tech trophy (345 2 pot)
    -ccw c10
    -285 r888's
    -recaro spg
    -omp steering wheel
    -11+ front end
    -apr lip
    -varis replica hood
    -voltex wing (ordered)
    -painted tails
    -shaved bumper
    -oil cooler
    -ets fmic (not installed)







  3. Holc13WRX

    Holc13WRX Supporting Member


    Great looking STI! Sweet list of mods as well!
  4. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

  5. chameleon

    chameleon Member

    How dare you call post #2 a "little update" ?

    Well done!
  6. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Sorry haha it was about a year in between 1 and 2
  7. LoveMyNewSoob

    LoveMyNewSoob Member

    so an 11+ bumper fits an 08-09?
  8. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    yes. it's the same car. :p
  9. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    if you swap the bumper and grill, also the fender liners should be swapped for it to be perfect
  10. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    The car is looking sick.
  11. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    Couldn't agree more! Looks great
  12. LoveMyNewSoob

    LoveMyNewSoob Member

    Ahhh...ok. I should have been clearer in my original question. I didn't think they were a complete match without other changes. Thanks. lookin good!
  13. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Thanks guys!
  14. liltoua

    liltoua Member

    Car looks great! Keep us updated on mods :). I see huge 6 pot brakes up front ;)
  15. benfrancis

    benfrancis Member

    That's a killer list!
  16. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    More stuff coming soon stay tuned!!
  17. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Picked up another set of wheels a couple weeks ago. Refinished them and installed new decals and flat caps courtesy of evasive motorsports. 18x9.5 +28 265 re11's

    Also just installed...
    -485 pump and 12v mod
    -ets fmic
    -ported my intake manifold
    -ported/deleted tgv
    -3.5" intake and velocity stack
    -3" straight aluminum exhaust custom built by apm

    Just waiting to tune this week, hopefully see some gains.

    Pics of the bay soon!!!


  18. BmanFSU26

    BmanFSU26 Member

    Nice ride, well done! Looking forward to seeing the bay pics.
  19. liltoua

    liltoua Member

    Saw your car at Southern Fresh, lookin good
  20. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Thanks! Waiting to tune then ill reinstall the oil cooler and bumper
  21. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

  22. scoobaru

    scoobaru Active Member

    Duuuuude nice car!! Really like your taste in mods.

    Which h&r springs are those? Were you using factory struts? How do they ride?

    Also, when you had the 18x9.5 +40 with a 265/35, any fender mods?
  23. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Springs road great but the car has coilovers now.

    Rear fenders rolled flat, car now has 285's and still just the rear rolled flat
  24. IBLinKYI

    IBLinKYI Member

    Clean, I definitely want to hear how that exhaust sounds.
  25. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    She's a beauty man! What kind of numbers did you get? E85 correct?
  26. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    After the knick nacks i just did Doug had it up to 503/530 then turned it down to 488/503, before it was at 441/463 at higher boost with more timing
  27. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

  28. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    big updates coming soon.... decided to go off the deep end
  29. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    I'm pretty sure you are drilling through the floor of the deep end...
  30. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Need more deep! Lol
  31. nik_05STi

    nik_05STi Member

    Great looking car man!! Your wheel fitment and ride height is dead on perfect
  32. BigCrazyAl

    BigCrazyAl New Member

    I'm curious about this deep end you speak of. I am debating going there myself. Tell us what you're gonna do! :drool:
  33. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    I'd really like to get I to details but instead I'm going to wait to have the ol' mighty Sutton start taking pics as parts start rolling in and are being fabricated. Stay tuned...
  34. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    Wait?! When did I get volunteered for pictures?! You need to get that thing built by January. Just sayin' :eek:hnoes:
  35. wEaK Squad

    wEaK Squad Member

    Lol I volunteered you, pushing for it block shipped and all valvetrain ordered yesterday, sending heads to headgames hopefully Friday :)
  36. stirhino

    stirhino Member

    Cant wait to see the details.

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