got pulled over tonight

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by kingwrex, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. kingwrex

    kingwrex Supporting Member

    ok so im coming home from my sisters birthday dinner from cumming. im traveleing down 20 to get to 575 and i see a cop in a bp parking lot, no biggie, im doing 55 which is the speed limit. well guess what he pulls out after me speeds up behind me and puts his lights on. i pulled over rolled the window down and he walks up and immediately asked "do you know why i pulled you over. i said "no i dont really, whats wrong" he says "well 2 things, 1st i pulled you over cause when you passed me it looked like your window tint was illegal but now that i have the spot light on it the tint looks ok, 2nd your exhaust is modified and im going to write you a ticket for that. i then said "i have a catalytic convertor so my exhaust is legal" , he then said wel ok then let me see your license and insurance" i gave it to him and he asked if i still live in cumming. i told him that i hadnt changed my address yet and he says for me to sit tight. 5 minutes later he comes back hands me my license and insurance back and said to get my address taken care of asap and then asked me if i knew those guys over on brandon trail. i said you mean topspeed and he was like yea did they do all the work on your car. i said yes i know them but no i did all the work to my car my self as im a subaru tech at sok. he was then said ok be carefull and let me go.

    what a weird stop, he lest me off on the window tint that is obviosly illegal adn then tries to get me for illegal exhaust that is legal, and does topspeed have some type of pull with the cops around the area?
  2. 4sevens

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    The day I got my car from topspeed driving home I got a ticket on 400. Wasn't paying attention to my speed and I was playing with the avcr (duh). The cop wrote topspeed performance shop on the ticket! I must have blurbed it out. total bummer. If I recall he was asking if I got it tuned as a performance shop, I said yes. Then he asked me what shop and I told him. Busted.
  3. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Topspeed has to watch their tuning times over their way. I think no cars can be on the dyno after 8:00PM. Last tuning session I was there Doug was on the road wrapping up my buddys car and it as 7:59 while me and 3 other friends were waiting at the shop. Sheriff pulls up wanting to see the owner right when Doug got back. They need to give them a freaking break.
  4. 4sevens

    4sevens Member

    Thats nuts. They need to find another location.
  5. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    No matter what location....neighbors are gonna complain unless you out in the boonies like where I live.
  6. That sucks man. I bet it's just cause he saw you had a subie. I know a few friends that got pulled because they had "illegal" tint. Then the cop asked if they knew X car and X group of people as in like they are just trying to get info on people because they look like they'd know people who race or w/e. Cops are ridicilous. Seriously. And you're a tech a SOK? what time you up there? i live right off barrett and wouldn't mind stoping by and saying hey.
  7. kingwrex

    kingwrex Supporting Member

    im at sok just about everyday from 8 to atleast 6, stop in and say hello anytime. being pulled over tonight was all about profiling if you ask me
  8. Haha I might just come by tomorrow im out of class. What was that silver WRX up there last weekend? had wrxatl on the back windows and big yellow fog lights
  9. kingwrex

    kingwrex Supporting Member

    the silver wrx with the yellow fog lights is johnathen's car, he is the detailer for the dealership.
  10. oh nice. well then i'll deffinatly have to head up there. Be on the look out for a black truck with black rims and a red bowtie.
  11. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    Cobb is just as bad about the dyno at Batlground.....We lock the front gate and pull the doors almost all the way down and turn off the know if it really has to get done
  12. Where is batlground. I'd like to check out that place too
  13. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

  14. well damn alright..
  15. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    You scared me King...

    Glad you were not speeding :keke:
  16. FTZ

    FTZ ^.^

    Noise ordinances here in Atlanta say that loud sounds, Music, etc... has to be turned down by 11PM. Prior to that, if a cop came to TS about the sound volume from some of their cars on the dyno, I would tell them to stuff it.
  17. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    I'm sure Doug and crew wants to keep the peace :) They have to get along with all the other neighbors. Last thing they need is harassment and complaints.
  18. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    Wirelessly posted (From Your Mom's House)

    cops don't profile...that would be wrong.
  19. jeb

    jeb Member

    I've been pulled over so many times for no obvious reason. All you have to say is "Am I being held or am I free to go" and unless they're actually going to charge you for something they'll let you go. The words have to be exact
  20. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Be nice. Say "Yes occifer" and "No occifer". Offer a works well.
  21. nsvwrx

    nsvwrx Active Member

    Never does work for me.
  22. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    you tell jonathan and mike? i bet they said something like "its the white man trying to keep their brotha down" or "that's just straight racist!"

    lol. good to hear he let you off
  23. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Did you get the name of the cop? We know a bunch of the local cops in the area and have a couple friends as well that are cops. We also donate a bit of money each year to the local departments.. with that said usually they turn a blind eye if were out on the road tuning.
  24. ~The_Duke~

    ~The_Duke~ Member

    It was prolly one of Greg's buddies... lol
  25. DaveH

    DaveH Member

    It's actually way more complicated than that.

    Have a look here: Look for articles using the search function. Keyword: "noise".

    It depends on zoning of the area, source of the noise, decibels produced over a period of time, weekday/weekend,......and on and on:

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  26. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    or greg
  27. Jewels450

    Jewels450 Member

    glad it turned out ok, but very interesting to say the least.
  28. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    taken from the citizen's guide to surviving police encounters?
  29. ScoobyMike

    ScoobyMike OG Mod

    yeah, they are really crackin down on the window tint, i've got 2 tickets in 2 months for my tint in winder, never in norcross...weird story tho...
  30. jeb

    jeb Member

    Family friend is a regional director for the FBI. He gave me his cell when I was 18, said if I ever got in trouble don't call my dad first... call him. I used to be super nice to cops, until I got pulled over 5 times for have a loud car and doing nothing illegal
  31. BelvnAWD

    BelvnAWD I'm Vin, Bell-Vin...

  32. kingwrex

    kingwrex Supporting Member

    well, i got followed by a GSP for about 8 miles tonight on 75. i had my cruise set on 75 and he road my tail the entire way from acworth to about the rome exit then he changed lanes and floored it by me doing about 90-100 if i had to guess. what a pain in the butt!!!
  33. 4sevens

    4sevens Member

    I would have dialed it down to 55, forcing him to pass you.
    It's happened to me too. GSP are the worse - they generally wield some
    serious attitude.

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