Mike with the little teal coupe.

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    Hello frands,

    [*]Where do you live?
    -Warner Robins

    [*]What do you preferred to be called (not your username)?
    -Mike, Mikey, whatever.

    [*]What do you drive?
    -we've got a 2015 Crosstrek and I picked up another GC chassis to build in the garage.

    [*]How modded is your ride?
    The '95 will be fully gutted and set up for auto x/track stuff. I've got about 6 cases of parts I brought back from my car in Japan to include my V8 EJ207, V8 6MT, R180 with Cusco LSD, brembo's, coilover's, and plenty of other little bits. I did lots of small course Auto X over there, so items attributed to that will go on this new car.

    [*]Where do you usually buy parts?
    -Other forums, community members, friends I've made along the way. Just about every resource I have available. Still have friends in Japan and occasionally I head back for work so then too.

    [*]Do you visit any other local boards?
    -Georgia Imports is the only other local FB group I'm on.

    [*]Show, Go, or Stock and staying that way?
    -I'm all about Go>Show, but that's no excuse for me to neglect aesthetics. They're just low on the list of stuff to do.

    [*]Do you wave to other wrx's when you see then coming towards you?

    [*]Where did you find out about WRXatlanta?
    -the Facebook. Was referred to this board here from another member who helped me with the GC.

    So there's the list, here's a quick history. Name is Mike. Owned a 07 Limited STI when I was stationed in Washington state. Moved to Japan and had a 95 STI Type RA there that I loved. Stripped that car to the shell and brought it back here. And that's where I'm at now. Slow build process with some go fast bits on the coupe. My goal is a quick spooling 500awhp on a E85 tune and sub 2700lbs wet. I've set a goal, and I'd like to exceed it. I've got some knowledge of subaru's from my time spent goofing off in Japan and I'm a mechanic by trade. Always down to wrench or talk shop.


    Ive also got a build thread on RS25 for those of you that are into that sort of stuff. Mike's 95 STI Type RA -> 95 L Coupe! Back in action. - Subaru Impreza GC8 & RS Forum & Community: RS25.com - http://www.rs25.com/forums/f145/t221710-mikes-95-sti-type-ra-95-l-coupe-back-action.html

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    please tell me you plan on leaving it that awful color... perfect example of the wacky 90's OEM colors
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    I was dead set on painting whatever car I ended up with race car white, but I've gotten so much love/hate for the Caribbean blue that I'm pretty sure it's staying now haha.

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  4. Michael'd

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    These sweet chromies however will not be making the cut.


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  5. b reel

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    I'd just throw some sticky tires on those and add a turbo whistle to add to the confusion... once the engine/trans/diff is swapped
  6. ChrisW

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    Glad you found your way to the boards, welcome.

    You have to keep that color!
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