New go-kart place in Duluth.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by mattprzy, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. mattprzy

    mattprzy Active Member

    it's called K1 speed. It's behind the QuikTrip on Pleasant Hill Road. Anybody been yet? I have, and I say it's a lot of fun, probably because my brother and I are competitive and are trying to out do each other for the best lap of the month (which they post on the website).

    My experience so far is overall a good one. They don't allow bumping or contact, but of course people still do it. If you get waved with that blue flag with the orange diagonal you are supposed to move over and let the person behind you pass, but it just really depends who you are racing with. If I'm grouped up with people who are interested in improving their lap times, then yeah they are courteous. Other times, people just won't move over for you, so hey, I'll try to over take you the hard way :p
  2. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

    I've been to their locations in Cali and it was pretty fun, Karts go well over 35-40mph. Funny that you mentioned it, i saw a Groupon deal not to long ago.
  3. J-Rad

    J-Rad New Member

    Whats the price point compared to Andretti's? Ive been there a few times and had a ton of fun, but always left feeling broke (probably due to the bar upstairs!).
  4. mattprzy

    mattprzy Active Member

    one race is $20,
    3 for $40
    8 for $100
    50 for $500
    110 for $1000
  5. J-Rad

    J-Rad New Member

    Three runs for 40 dollars is actually pretty good! I'm going to have to drag a few friends out there. If its as fun as I'm hoping, the 50 for 500 sounds like a season-pass style, tax-return-time present for myself!

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