Newbie: Ryan, Virgina Highlands

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rhinoyo, May 6, 2007.

  1. rhinoyo

    rhinoyo New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Ryan, I have a 05' silver WRX that I bought about 3 months ago, and I absolutely love it. It's completely stocked right now, but I plan on adding a few things. I live off of Ponce de Leon in the Virgina Highland area. I would love to take it out on the track soon. I'm a virgin when comes to forums and blogs so I look forward to sharing and discussing topics with everyone. And Yes, I do wave at every WRX that I see coming towards me, so you might have seen me around.

  2. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    Hello and welcome :wavey:
  3. ShaneSTI

    ShaneSTI Active Member

    welcome dude, and congrats on your car.:)
  4. pEd

    pEd This ain't no Piccadilly!

    welcome Ryan
  5. MrCoffeeATL

    MrCoffeeATL Member

    I think i passed you the other day just off ponce and n highlands. Welcome to the site
  6. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Awesome. Welcome :wavey:
  7. schneid

    schneid Member

    what up
  8. savsuby

    savsuby Member

  9. BelvnAWD

    BelvnAWD I'm Vin, Bell-Vin...

  10. GTscoob

    GTscoob Black is Beautiful

    Welcome! We're a very friendly group of guys on here so dont be afraid to come out to meets or post stupid stuff.
  11. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    welcome to the boards dude
  12. jt money

    jt money 350hp mmm mmm Good! Supporting Member

    welcome to the boards Ryan!


    Welcome, I was a virgin to forums too, but the guys are here are awesome and very helpful so its pretty easy to get addicted to this site.
  14. MarkM2016GTI

    MarkM2016GTI Supporting Member

    Welcome to the boards Ryan.

  15. Weapon

    Weapon 90lbs of dynamite Supporting Member

    welcome aboard
  16. Batlground

    Batlground Active Member

    Welcome. I live in the Highlands :)
  17. Intrigue2727

    Intrigue2727 Member

    welcome, do want to trade wings? maybe
  18. Slowsoul

    Slowsoul Member

    Howdy, I stay over in East Atlanta...I am sure I'll see you around.
  19. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    Nice to hear of the new addition to the family!!!
    I'm fairly new my self and have had a great time making some new friends and have learned a great deal...any thanks to everyone here!:wavey:
  20. Blkburu

    Blkburu Member

    Welcome from another Noob!
  21. I think I saw you yesterday, I was on the patio of Eclipse Di Sol 4-5ish pm. Saw you drive by then sit at the red light at North and Highland.
  22. fast shadow

    fast shadow Member

    I think I've seen your car a couple of times, I live near V-H. I have a gray Evo IX MR

  23. SMG :drool: on your E46???

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