Shortblock swap parts list (2.0 to 2.5)

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    Here is a parts list with pricing for everything you need to do a shortblock swap. The prices are from so they do not include shipping or taxes if there are any. I believe mentioning that you are with WRXAtlanta will still get you a discount on parts at SoG so that should bring the price close to what is listed below. Everytime I have done a swap SoG has had the parts in stock or can get them the next day so there is no waiting. Shipping from the website can sometimes take a while especially if they don't have the part in stock.

    Part                              Part #      Qty    Unit Price  Total
    Timing Belt                       13028AA240   1     112.46      112.46
    Tensioner                         13033AA042   1     107.74      107.74
    Oil Pump (10mm)                   15010AA300   1     104.96      104.96
    Oil Pump (11MM 08+)               15010AA360   1     This is optional on a 2.0 - 2.5 hybrid so I don't have a price
    Oil Pump o-ring                   10991AA001   1     1.46        1.46
    Oil pan return o-ring             11122AA340   1     10.96       10.96
    Oil Pickup tube o-ring            806917080    1     0.9         0.9
    Coolant crosspipe o-rings         806933010    2     2.85        5.7
    Oil cooler o-ring                 21370KA001   1     4.36        4.36
    Water Pump                        21111AA240   1     89.96       89.96
    Water Pump Gasket                 21114AA051   1     2.3         2.3
    Crankshaft Seal                   806733030    1     6.01        6.01
    Intake Cam Seals                  806732160    2     4.46        8.92    -- 806742160 for STi AVCS heads
    Exhaust Cam Seals                 806732160    2     4.46        8.92
    STi Head Gaskets                  11044AA642   2     29.96       59.92
    Valve Cover Gaskets (L)           13272AA094   1     7.46        7.46   -- 13272AA140 for STi AVCS heads
    Valve Cover Gaskets (R)           13270AA162   1     7.46        7.46   -- 13270AA190 for STi AVCS heads
    Spark plug valve cover gaskets    13293AA051   4     5.96        23.84  -- same part for STi AVCS heads
    Oil Filter                        15208AA100   1     5.89        5.89
    Oil Filter Washer                 11126AA000   1     0.87        0.87
    Intake manifold gaskets           14035AA421   2     4.05        8.1
    Ext Manifold gaskets              14038AA000   2     11.64       23.28
    Turbo Gasket to DP                44022AA180   1     16.46       16.46
    UP gasket Lower                   44022AA150   1     10.41       10.41
    UP gasket upper                   44022AA170   1     10.41       10.41
    Headbolts                         11095AA042   12    7.44        89.28
    Valve cover bolt grommets         13271AA071   16    2.57        41.12 
    Fujibond                          004403007 
    Total Price 769.15

    This list is for a 2.0 to 2.5 swap but I added the part numbers for simply replacing a short block in an STi.

    I know these are the part numbers for an 04 STi but they may have changed so please just use this as a reference and check to see if any parts have been superceeded and that the part numbers are correct for the newer STi's.

    Clearly some part numbers will be different if you have the newer heads with avcs on the exhaust cams as well.
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    awesome...thanks mike!
  3. pEd

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    I'm thinking this is a great sticky!!
  4. integroid

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    STICKY! Thanks mike!
  5. pEd

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    stuck, thought it may end up under the "Peformance, Power & Engine Threads of Interest" sticky.
  6. goixiz

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    are all the SB the same ?
    if not maybe add a description next as notes for 2.0 or 2.5
  7. monk

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    i think he's referring to a 2.0 > 2.5 shortblock conversion (parts needed)
  8. Kokopelli

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    The intake cam seals and valve cover gaskets are different if you are using avcs heads and the headgaskets will be different for a 2.0.

    The parts listed are for a 2.0 -> 2.5
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    awesome..thanks for sharing Mike
  10. gotsol

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    you forgot the block
  11. Davidwrx

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    Can all of the gaskets be gotten in a cheaper "gasket kit" for the whole engine?
  12. Kokopelli

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    smart ass :slap:

    The gasket kit has quite a few gaskets that you won't need for the swap and is more expensive than the parts listed.

    If you were going to redo the heads and tear down the block I would go ahead and get the gasket kit since it comes with valve stem seals and other gaskets/seals you'll need when you split the case.
  13. Cool_____

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    Also Mike you may want to clarify that this is a listing for 2.0L shortblock to 2.5L shortblock while keeping the 2.0L heads ;)

    Awesome list. So that price with my 30% off lifetime sponsorship from Subaru plus my hookup to get parts at dealer cost looks SWEET!
  14. Kokopelli

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    The prices listed are pretty much dealer cost. The list price for all the parts ends up being closer to 1200.
  15. Cool_____

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    Missing valve cover grommet gaskets and fujibond.
  16. Cool_____

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    Mike add these part numbers to the list....

    Valve cover bolt grommets (need 16) Part # 13271AA071
    Fujibond Part # 004403007
  17. integroid

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    15010AA360 Add 08 STi 11MM Oil Pump
  18. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Not needed. Shimmed 04-07 are better.
  19. I know this is an old thread--- I may also be ignorant on this, but it does not seem to include the idler pulles and such? are those reusable from the old -- id think they need to be new?

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