TopSpeed Motorsports - OneLap GT-R Project Begins!!!

Discussion in 'TopSpeed Motorsports' started by Cicio@TopSpeed, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    The Roush cars are full production spec... 145mph speed governor and all. Even still today at Barber Billy turned a 1:39 lap with it... pretty cool cars.

    The improper hose clamp thing on Catesby's car was installer error.. It seems Jose (Catesby's Co-Driver) has got it worked out for now.

    I think if he had a decent chassis setup on his GTR and proper track prep he would have been right there battling it out with us all week.
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  2. Mindspin311

    Mindspin311 Member

    So what sort of rules is the GTR complying to?
  3. The only rule of OneLap is that you have to use a 140tw tire or higher.

    Its amazing how just a tire can put someone on a very even playing field.

    800hp isn't really an advantage on street tires :)
  4. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Fix the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's fixed now....wished the run was working at the time.
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  5. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Poor Catesby.......more mechanical issues. His luck just isn't with him this year. Feel really bad for the dude as he seems to be one heck of a driver.
  6. BKiller

    BKiller Active Member

    I wonder if Catesby will be driving a Top Speed prepped car next year?
  7. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    What's Catesby's relationship with Forged? Friends with Sharif/Forged Performance or is he just a hired driver?
  8. He is just a paying customer.
  9. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    FYI don't confuse that car with Sharif's shop car....they are not one and the same. It's Catesby's own car.
  10. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Looks like Topspeed just sealed the overall win. If session 2 is indeed a P1 then TS can forfeit tomorrows skid pad and still win.

    Now that's pure DOMINATION.

    Sad to hear Catesby had another mechanical issue....this is definately a bad year for them. This morning it looks like the intake fell off according to Catesby's FB post.
  11. BrianGT

    BrianGT Banned

    Good job on the win. Hope you get a new trophy as the shitty UUC trophy just sucks. corsa one was awesome looking. UUC never ceases to fail.

    Great job!

    Planning on trying for a three-peat?
  12. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    Of course, sounds like multiple entries from our camp next year. I'm currently not at liberty to discuss what we are taking but they will be fast.
  13. Release:

    Doug Wilks & Leh Keen clenched the OneLap title this weekend in South Bend. Team TopSpeed dominated the event once again, sweeping all of the OLOA Road Courses! Being 500 points in the lead by the dry skid pad event the guys decided to have a little fun. Below is a video of Leh doing RWD drifts in the R35 GT-R after Doug removed the front drive shaft.

    I wanna say a big thanks to all of our sponsors:

    Cobb Tuning

    I will be posting more videos and pictures as I edit them throughout the week.


  14. bixs

    bixs Supporting Member

    Great work on the win, and amazing celebration video :clap:
  15. Matto357

    Matto357 Crazyazn likes Naps Staff Member

    so how much does the ECU freak out when you do that?

    And congrats.
  16. Dr.Chris

    Dr.Chris Member

    Congratulations Topspeed!
  17. gotsol

    gotsol Active Member

    Congratulations to Doug and the rest of the crew. Great work guys!

    I'd like to see if I can't get you guys in a Golf R for next year with my hook up.
  18. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    We have a couple of things in the works for the shop for next year but we would be very interested in running a Golf R.

    Give me a call at the shop and Ill see if we can get a media package together for you.

  19. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    Now that OLOA is over...

    TopSpeed vs Forged?

    Release the specs on the GT-R?
  20. [youtube]SoYjwCtM-Dc[/youtube]
  21. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Something is wrong with me.....I test drove a 2010 Red GT-R and a 2006 S2K last week. I had more fun driving the S2K. Don't get me wrong the GT-R was sick but it didn't give me that driver's car feel.

    It pretty much changed my mind about getting myself a GT-R which is a shame because I was very in the market for one.
  22. BKiller

    BKiller Active Member

    So you liked the $10K car more than the $100K car?
  23. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Yup.....prolly had to do with the top down in the hot Florida sun and the wind blowing in my hair. The GT-R was FAST but so smooth and refined. But all the while felt huge (which it is a heavy car and felt like it to me in stock form).
  24. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    lol at Cool. I drove a s2k before, couldnt wait to get out of that death trap.
  25. jchon3

    jchon3 Supporting Member

    I learned how to drive stick with a 2001 AP1 S200.
    hands down one of the best feeling cars iv'e ever driven.

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