World Rally Blue Subies Meet and Shoot

Discussion in 'Meetups & Events' started by Western, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    Hey everyone,
    I know there is quite a few of you that own World Rally Blue Subies, so I thought we could do a meet and shoot for all of us at some point. We could have lunch or dinner and then do the shoot, or the other way around. This is definitely not restricted to the WRX and STI's... If you have a Fozzy, Baja, or whatever in WRB, you are most definitely welcome. That being said, anyone is welcome, but the photos will just be for the blue dudes and dudettes. So... Who here would be interested in doing something like that? I was thinking we could do it sometime in Early April. Thoughts?

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  2. stirhino

    stirhino Member

    I'm down! Any sat or sun is good for me.
  3. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    Yep same. Maybe we could all find a dirt road that's at least 2 cars wide and take picture there, get some lined up in the parking lot, and without fail we'll get a chronological front and rear. I want to wait until spring(the real spring, as opposed to the Spring we're having these past couple days), but I also want to do it soon. Lol.
  4. Andr3w

    Andr3w Member

    I'd be down to represent the bugeye
  5. ChrisW

    ChrisW Member

    I'm down depending on location
  6. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    We'll definitely have to figure out a location that works for everyone BUT ALSO has a good backdrop/ is a good spot for pictures. Anyone got any ideas?

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  7. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    This thread is racist!
  8. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    Lol. So what does everyone think of these options:

    1): Lunch, Hangout, Shoot w/professional photog, like crazyazn or something.

    2): North Georgia Loop Run, Lunch, and Shoot at an optimal location

    3) Sunset Shoot and Dinner.

    So, what's everyone's thoughts? 1, 2, or 3?
  9. Andr3w

    Andr3w Member

    I vote 1
  10. suomi82

    suomi82 Member

    I'm in, I also vote for option 1 except the best time for pics is propably when the sun starts setting.
  11. Drowland87

    Drowland87 Staff Member Supporting Member

  12. stirhino

    stirhino Member

    I vote 1
  13. joncrawford21

    joncrawford21 Member

    I'm down to go jeff. It'll look good having our cars next to each other again.
  14. 7m-gtte

    7m-gtte New Member

    I would down for this as well. Probably option 1.
  15. Millhouse04

    Millhouse04 Member

    sounds fun, I might be down depending on date and time
  16. Andr3w

    Andr3w Member

    Let's get the ball rolling. I'm ready to do this thing
  17. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    So the consensus is option #1, am I right? Do we want to do it within the next few weeks or wait till it starts getting a little warmer? I'm game for either.
  18. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    Awesome, thanks for organizing!
  19. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member


    Enjoy the meet guys.

    I'm just bored at work... :|
  20. b reel

    b reel Active Member

  21. impreza

    impreza Member

    id be down to go but im obp lol :hsugh:
  22. suomi82

    suomi82 Member

    April, it's too cold this time of year lol
  23. davhul

    davhul New Member

    Sounds good. Will Give me time to finish my jdm 5 speed swap with 4.44 FD. Swapping from a blown 4eat.
  24. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    Sweet. I should be able to sit down tomorrow morning and find some dates that we can decide on.
  25. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    I'll try to make it also.
  26. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    Still planning on doing this.....There's just so many meets that are right as meet season begins that it's hard to plan a meet of our own that doesn't conflict with another major meet. Whenever this ends up being, I would love to see as many WRB Subies as possible!!! Planning on sitting down tomorrow morning and planning my weekends and time off of work and I'll set a date for us then.
  27. TgDn32

    TgDn32 New Member

    I'm down for this.
  28. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    pity its saturday... money maker day for me
  29. AEarwood9

    AEarwood9 New Member

    I'm down for this
  30. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    Just had this idea and thought I would throw it out there. What about meeting up early morning for Caffeine and Octane May Edition, parking us all together, and then either 10 or 11 we can all go get lunch around the Perimeter area..Maybe one of the restaurants there at Perimeter...and then from there, we can discuss various Photogenic locations and do a shoot. How does that sound?
  31. Andr3w

    Andr3w Member

    That sounds good to me. I've never been to C&O before and I've been wanting to travel out to it. Win win for me ha
  32. anshu214

    anshu214 New Member

    Depending on the date, count me in.
  33. Western

    Western Supporting Member

    So....Let's get some feedback here. Is everyone game for the next Caffeine and Octane being our WRB Subies Meet? We'd meet up early in the morning, park together(and show those purple challengers whose boss...LOL), and then get some brunch about 10 or 11 somewhere in the area, and then do some pictures! What does everyone think of the plan?
  34. Drowland87

    Drowland87 Staff Member Supporting Member

    I would be ok with that
  35. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

  36. AEarwood9

    AEarwood9 New Member

    sounds good what time?
  37. Drowland87

    Drowland87 Staff Member Supporting Member

    Should we hold off? This will end up being a Word Rally Blue-ish yellow photo shoot with all the pollen.
  38. TURBOH4

    TURBOH4 Member

    Can I come? I don't have WRB (ISM instead ) but I have a decent camera and can help take pictures.

    I also just want to look at the cars, haha. The only STi I've ever actually seen in person (other than on the road) is my own. WRB is my favorite color, too.

    ...please? :hsugh:

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