2015 STI - Silver Ice with Suntech paint protection

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  1. DustySTI

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    Hey guys. I retired my 06 STI.....:wtc:

    But Scarlett has arrived!!:drool:

    She had a full front paint protection film installed along with Quartz finest coating applied. The PPF is full front bumper, full fendor back to STI badge, Hood and side mirrors. Some people were wondering how it looked. It looks awesome! You can't tell the PPF is on the car unless you look for it. There are seams, but there are a ton of different lines on the car and even with the lines, its hard to tell. No orange peel what so ever and the reflection was not affected at all. Highly recommend! It was installed in GA.

    My 06 STI had opti coat applied and i think the Quartz looks as good if not better.

    Cost for job below was $2,000.00 minus 10% for cash payment. PM me for contact information if interested.

    Prep package detail
    Quartz Finest coating (like Opti-coat)
    Full front PPF including headlights and side mirrors with Suntech film.

    Sorry for the Iphone pics. My camera is currently broken.
    Before Suntech:


    After Suntech:






  2. Mike@TSM

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    Looks great!

    Congrats on the new ride... any plans for her?

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