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    Since we do have a lot of first time Subaru owners joining the forum (and hopefully more & more continue to join :)), I figured that a little reintroduction of TopSpeed and who we are is in order. My name is Mike and I handle all of the Subaru parts and builds @ TopSpeed Motorsports, or TSM, and I want to take a minute to quickly touch on the rich Subaru heritage that really grew TopSpeed in to what it is today. I am also waiting on the delivery of my first Subaru, a 2015 STi! The details on that car and build thread can be found here:

    Mike@TopSpeed’s CWP ’15 STi

    Based in Alpharetta, GA, TopSpeed Motorsports is an automotive performance company that is world renowned for providing aftermarket performance parts, expert installation, and professionally calibrated ECU’s. Everything we sell we have raced and track tested to insure maximum quality and performance to the individual. TSM as a company focuses exclusively on enhancing the driving experience. From our expert sales staff, to professional ECU tuning, to championship winning fabricators and mechanics, we have what it takes to do the job right the first time. Whether you need suspension setup, parts installation, trackside consulting or tuning, we have it all here under one roof.

    Not that trophies and records are the end all be all of gauging quality but they certainly don’t hurt ;).
    Below is a list of what TSM has accomplished during our decade of providing service to the performance aftermarket:


    TSM WINS OneLap of America in a 2013 GT-R – ON THE BLOG
    TSM WINS NARRA TTU Road Atlanta w/Cicio 1:25.063 – CHECK THE VIDEO – TSM GT-R Runs 1:25.087 @ Road Atlanta NARRA Event - YouTube
    TSM Highest HP GT-R on 93oct. 1095whp
    TSM FASTEST 60-130 GT-R Time Street 3.36 Seconds – CHECK THE VIDEO – TopSpeed Motorsports Built | AMS Alpha 12 | 3.36 Second 60-130 - YouTube
    TSM WINS GT3 Drag Class @ TX2K13 ?8.80@166 – CHECK THE VIDEO – TSM's Alpha12 GT-R WINS TX2K 2013 | 8 Second 1/4 Mile - YouTube
    TSM WINS GT2 Drag Class @ TX2K13 ?9.82@147
    TSM FASTEST GT-R @ TX2K13 Road Course w/Cicio
    TSM BREAKS NASA TTU Road Atlanta Record w/Leh Keen
    TSM FASTEST GT-R @ Road Atlanta w/Leh Keen 1:23.8 – CHECK THE VIDEO – TSM Record Setting 1:23.8 @ Road Atlanta w/ Leh Keen - YouTube


    Fastest Street Tire 60-130 GT-R Time 3.7 Seconds – CHECK THE VIDEO – TSM Nissan GT-R | 60-130 in 3.7 Seconds - YouTube
    TSM WINS WannaGoFast 1/2 Mile Event 191MPH – CHECK THE VIDEO – TSM Runs 190.9 @ WannaGoFast 1/2 Mile Event - YouTube
    TSM WINS OneLap of America in a 2010 Nissan GT-R – ON THE BLOG
    TSM Sets VIR Track Record in the TSM GT-R w/Leh Keen 1:53.5 – CHECK THE VIDEO - TSM Record Breaking Lap @ VIR w/ Leh Keen - YouTube
    TSM Sponsored GT-R goes 9.07 @ 164MPH
    TSM Sets Track Record @ Roebling Road Raceway w/ Leh Keen – CHECK THE VIDEO – Record Lap by Leh Keen @ Roebling Road Raceway - YouTube
    TSM Travels to the Middle East for Exotic Tuning


    TSM WINS One Lap of America in a 2010 Nissan GT-R – ON THE BLOG


    TSM WINS One Lap of America in a Porsche 996 GT2? – ON THE BLOG
    TSM breaks Supra E85 Record making 1114HP@34psi


    TSM enters Ultimate Track Car Challenge and qualifies 13th out of 90 cars
    TSM breaks the HP record for 2nd gen eclipse making 1021whp
    TSM wins dsm/evo/subaru shootout
    TSM Eclipse runs its first 8.8 @ 166mph
    TSM expands into the euro market


    TSM Place 3rd in unlimited awd @ Miller Motorsports Park (with a mechanical failure)
    Grand Champion and U-AWD winner at Gateway International raceway
    Grand Champion and U-AWD winner at Nashville Super Speedway
    Grand Champion and U-AWD Winner at Summit Point
    Grand Champion and U-Awd winner at Vir
    Overall Season U-AWD Champions with Redline Time Attack
    TSM Supra makes its first 8sec drag pass
    TSM wins Showdown class at Import Showdown


    TSM tunes its 1000th Subaru
    TSM Supra runs first low 9 second drag pass
    TSM Place 2nd overall in first outing with the TopSpeed Time Attack car
    TSM takes home the modified and showdown wins at Import Showdown


    TSM Places 5th overall and 1st in class at One Lap
    TSM begins building its unlimited Time Attack car
    TSM Wins all three classes at Import Showdown, street, modified, showdown class


    TSM tuned STi runs One Lap of America placing 3rd overall before a race ending crash
    TSM wins all three classes @ Import Showdown, street, modified, and showdown
    First shop to run 11′s with a 20g turbo on the new 2005 STi
    First to break the 450whp mark on stock location turbo
    First to break the 600whp mark on a usdm subaru
    TSM sets new STG2 drag record running 12.2 @ 114mph


    Broke the 700whp barrier with the evo8
    One of only a handful of Evo’s to break into the 10′s running a 10.4 @ 141mph


    First shop to break into mid 11′s with Evo on Stock turbo

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