Aggressive Takeoff - Wouldn't Go Into Gear Afterwards

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  1. TURBOH4

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    So like the title states, I took off somewhat aggressively trying to keep someone from rear-ending me. I was on a fairly steep hill so I slipped the clutch more than I normally would...enough that I smelled it as I took off. It was enough that I actually chirped the tires a bit, which I've never done in this car.

    Long story short, once I came to a stop a few seconds later, I could NOT get the car into any gear, even with the clutch planted to the floor. Tried pumping the pedal repeatedly, tried rolling while applying pressure to the gear...nothing. I finally had to turn the engine off and put the car into gear and re-start the engine. When I did this, the car lurched forward and was fine afterwards. No trouble since...

    Interestingly, I've also noticed a kind-of "whirring" sound that's new (was doing it BEFORE the issue above) and definitely coming from the clutch/transmission. It only makes the sound when the car has sat all night, and blipping the throttle or engaging the clutch makes the sound go away. Once warmed up, the sound is gone. What's a little disconcerting is it sounds a LOT like a spun bearing.

    Also interesting, this seems to be directly related to 2nd and 4th grinding a bit if I sit in stop-n-go traffic for an extended period.

    There's a "good reason" why I don't want to take it to the dealer unless I absolutely have to. 13K miles on the car now. Suggestions?
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  2. lilsanch

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    Is the "reason" good enough that it can't be brought back to stock before taking it in? Sounds like this car is having some fairly concerning issues for only being 13k miles old. If it were my car, I'd be taking it in.

    I know that's not helpful, but transmission issues on a 13k mile car shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, regardless of driving style. Now if you believe this could be the result of some modding you've done, that's a bit of a different story.
  3. Sparta

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    Agreed ^^

    Unless you are willing to shell out some money to pay for the repairs yourself, its better to just bring it in. Whats done to the car?
  4. b reel

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    sounds like a missed shift lunched your clutch... well maybe the T/O bearing and/or the fingers on the pressure plate, or you put a nice divot on the snout for the T/O bearing to hang up on.
  5. Matt

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    I was thinking throw out bearing as well.
  6. TURBOH4

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    Well, the noise I described only started appearing when it was really cold. Lately it hasn't been making the noise because it's been warmer. Also, note the noise appeared BEFORE the incident I described.

    That being said I think this was just due to overheating the clutch temporarily. I never shifted because there was no reason to. I was in first the entire time. So I took off >> gunned it >> put clutch back to the floor >> took car out of gear >> stopped >> wouldn't go back in

    I've driven the car multiple times since then and have not had any issues. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not possible to have the clutch "seize" itself to due to excessive heat? I'm thinking that's what happened and also what causes the numerous reports of people having trouble from 1st to 2nd while driving aggressively (shifting near red line in 1st). I also feel like this is what causes the occasional grind after sitting in traffic for an hour or more.

    Granted, I only have a theoretical understanding of 4-wheel clutches since I've never actually replaced one. My experience comes from motorcycle clutches which are obviously a bit different. However, motorcycle clutches can have the same thing happen...excessive heat causes the friction disks to temporarily lock together - to the point where the springs can't overcome it.
  7. b reel

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    if that's the case you now have hot spots on the flywheel and glazed up clutch. While driveable it may not be ideal, only time will tell. If the engagement point has changed, then plan on a replacement.

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