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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by kohlby777, May 9, 2014.

  1. kohlby777

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    I've owned my 2003 WRX for about four years now and every time I want/need something done to it I only take it to these guys. I live nearly two hours away in Carrollton which is a testament to just how passionate and knowledgable Brandon and all the guys at allpro reall are. Every single time I make the trek they go above and beyond to get me the parts and/or service that I need. For example today Brandon went above and beyond what I would ever expect when getting work done and waited after close for my car to limp back to the shop so he could fix my mistake I made when installing a thermostat (yeah I know I deserve to be slapped). Anyway just wanted to inform those of you who are new to the community or never dealt with allpro of one of the many positive experiences I have had with them in a stressful situation.
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    tru dat
    my car is there now. i live about an hour away but work 15 min away. my gf always asks, that shop is too far, can't you find a closer one? i look at her like :|
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    Im right there with you man. Can't say enough good things about allpro

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