ALL PRO to the rescue as usual!

Discussion in 'Allpro Subie Service & Performance' started by crazyazn, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Ok well a fair bit of you all know about what I was doing to my car, and that it was intended to be ready in time for Import Alliance.

    So getting straight to the point, I wanted to get a bunch of suspension bits put in and changed, and my long over due emissions done in time for IA. Brandon and the team came to the rescue, and Brandon went way above and beyond the call of duty and worked very late on friday to get all the suspension parts in.

    Additionally he had the foresight to have me test fit my new wheels to set ride height prior to aligning, which is when we discovered some major clearance issues with the front bumper. To further help, Brandon let me use the lift Saturday to cut the fender some more and the bumper and get the tires to clear, then he got me aligned. Thus, I was able to make it to IA on Sunday and enjoy the car for the first time since October.

    Again huuuge thanks to you guys. I further the broken record of saying Allpro is awesome, but they simply really are.

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