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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by bluedestiny, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    Brandon, Patrick and Wes continue to provide first rate service with expert advice and quick turnaround that is outstandingly reasonable . It's always great to support small businesses like this who know how to serve the customer. In at 8A for a basic service which got me to work close to on-time considering the ATL traffic.

    The Forrester STI swap in progress was a highlight of the visit.

    Thanks again guys!
  2. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    Yet another great service at All Pro Subaru

    Brandon and Patrick continue to run a top tier operation; service is first rate and outstandingly reasonable with an amazingly quick turnaround, faster than promised again. This was a great follow up from having them install my Cobb Stage 2 exhaust last time.

    Just had them perform the 60K service [yes, the miles are that low] and a few 'planned maintenance upgrades': Killer B oil pickup and the 11mm oil pump update/front seal replace. Also had the AC serviced as I discovered in FL last week it was due for a re-charge. Since I had some earlier maintenance items performed recently they tailored the service and the price appropriately.
    Thanks for the nice discount for supporting members as well.

    It's always great to support small businesses like this that know how to serve the customer, and include details like cleaning the engine compartment and car wash. A plus is being able to work seamlessly from their location with their in-house wifi while waiting :)

    Thanks guys.
  3. Holc13WRX

    Holc13WRX Supporting Member

    Thanks for the review. From all of the reviews it sounds like I shouldn't consider taking mine elsewhere.
  4. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    ^ exactly. All pro is absolutely the best!!!
  5. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    Roger that; I started w/ All Pro beginning just before my 30k service, they are so reasonable, it's an easy choice to return, i have been able to factor in a maintenance upgrade around most visits, and they consistently make any inconvenience up to you - i can say they stand behind their work very well.
  6. nygiant

    nygiant Member

    I went in for an oil change today. They knocked it out in 15 minutes AND gave me a free donut!
    Allpro FTW
  7. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    64k service completed quickly and efficiently ;) ready for the next auto-x.
  8. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    Yesterday afternoon my radiator chose to release coolant slowly out of top crimp flanges just as I was filling up.

    AllPro was able to get my new Mishimoto XLine Radiator [that I had purchased some time ago for the day this was necessary] installed with some new silicone hoses in less than 24 hours from contacting them. Thanks guys!:)
  9. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    68k service completed quickly and efficiently, plus a nice surprise: engine detail ;)
    Thanks guys!

    Thanks for the expert advice on long term maintenance; she just turned 10 years old.
  10. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    After a diagnostic checkup for some known issues at the last service above, it was necessary to replace the PS Pump as it was leaking and also the valve cover gaskets were both leaking - so a little maintenance was in order. Hints at this were the steering started to get vague momentarily, and whiffs of burning oil intermittently after full warm up.

    Thanks to Steven King for the work and letting me look over his shoulder during the process of bring my STi back to perfection.
    No more oil and ps fluid leaks, and no steering issues :)

    Thanks also to Patrick for including me in the Hot Wing Lunch Run
  11. Max Q

    Max Q Member

  12. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    Another great service visit today with prompt and personal attention to the car from Brandon and his team.

    With customer wifi, there is no loss of working time, so its always well worth the drive.
  13. bluedestiny

    bluedestiny Supporting Member

    Another great service visit today with some preventative maintenance [silicone auxiliary hoses installed] with prompt, personal attention to the car from Brandon and Steven and their team. Economical on the budget as always.

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