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    ok, some of you know of me, others we havent got to meet yet. but ive been on the phone with Wes and Brandon, and Patrick etc... my two BIG builds happening at once i got over helmed and got kind of tired/frustrated trying to keep up with both. so i called wes and brandon to the rescue, since i never got to actually meet either one of them, i think it was about time to pay them a visit during operational hours. lol. so i took a day off work and drove the 2.5hrs in the traffic to ALLPRO.

    Very amazed and pleased with the tour of the shop and everybody's hospitality to be at work. (lol. not sure if doing it bc of a visitor (me) or thats just how evybdy works along side one another. but i must say WOW)

    so here is the update:
    my AW05 hybrid beast (which ive had since 07) will be receiving a PAR650 gearset once they make them and ship them from aussie land, then install tein circuit master type RA's (debating about getting edfc) that i stumbled across along with front and rear brembo's that will be accompanied by some DBA4000 front and rear rotors. along with r180 rear diff and 5x114 conversion and axles to then take it to the body shop to fit and mount the massive 18x10.5+15 RFP1's with about an 285's prbly. and karlton fender flare install. and top sti CF roof spoiler.

    but all that is on hold for now!! since the gearset isnt cheap i didnt wanna to waste time and spending money towards something that isnt ready yet. sooooooo,,,

    time for my 02ver7 wrb bugeye to come out the garage.within the last 2yrs alot of things happened (been sitting since the day i bought her 2 yrs ago, slowly doing things here and there on wheels and tires, got them powder coated mirror white, ver7 sti front and rear seats, ver7 alum hood with front fenders, lip with cf splitter, jdm hid's, sti trunk, sti grill and 05jdm tails upgrade) well, since it had a spun rod. i went ahead and decided to just sti swap evything and not repeat the process of buying 2or3 5 spd's thats a different story about the 05,, so i started looking and searching for full part outs, and even did a couple of online biding at car auctions, which was a headache bc you have to hire a car broker and then he bought the wrong car for me and had to pay 400 for a restocking fee and etc BS.. so i gave up after a while. then finally couple months ago. friend of mine sent me a link about a wrecked sti. so i called him immediately and told him not to strip it down or part it out yet let me come look at it. so i drove about 3.5hrs (twice) to look it over and really decide if im about to step off in over my shoulders so i called brandon, and explained evything. and he told me if i was going to do the swap the 04 i found rt there infront of me would be my best bet. so i jumped on it.

    so now, fast fwd, week and half ago. me and 2 friends spent all day saturday and sunday stripping the bugeye down, literally down to the floor pan to the fire wall. to have it ready to be swapped. called brandon on wednesday and he said he would stay late for me so i would be able to drop it off.. arrived and talked things over and left my baby behind. and returned home! so they definitely got their hands full! but i have complete faith in him and in ALLPRO for this sti swap/build they have instore.

    but i must say i have alot of stress relieved now that my sti donar car and my bugeye are under the same roof. wish i could upload some pics.

    Again, THANK YOU ALLPRO, for being here and helping out the community and us subaru enthusiast gearheads!

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