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    Well after getting my car back from them with the ppg setup and all the TOP NOTCH work they performed (list way too long to list) last go around I noticed some bucking with the car. It did it ONLY between 1800-3000 RPM range and at tip in when rolling to WOT.

    I always thought the problem was related to my horrible clutch setup (6mt at the time) mated with a LW fly. Moving to the ppg setup with soutbend clutch I realized it was something else. I had gone over everything with a fine tooth comb, replaced and swapped some coil packs (didn't have enough spares to do all) and MAF along with many other things and just figured it was time to turn it over to the ALLPRO crew.

    I think I handed them a real doozie this time. As many know I've been in the game a while and years of modding my 03 then going through a full swap after an accident it could be anything including harness. Well they found that the ECU was the culprit. She is now absolutely perfect!

    In true ALLPRO style they found a kinked line to the master brake booster causing my 3rd brake pump issue where it required 10 times the force to get the pads to bite.

    I don't know that I have the vocabulary to properly praise the talent that resides on Nine North drive. I don't know why anyone would ever even consider another shop for working on your scoob. Thanks guys for all that you have done. Before the last 2 visits to allpro I was convinced I was out of the game. I can honestly say this is the first time mechanically I am totally happy with this car and owe it all 100% to Allpro Subaru.

    Brandon, Wes, Patrick, Jon, Mark and the rest of the crew...I THANK YOU!!!
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    All I needed to know.
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    I traded a limited trunk there a few months ago... first time there. It was awesome and everyone was super nice

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