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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by Mad Mallard, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    I've worked in some form of customer services for 20 years between retail and this emergency claims gig that you see me bump my 'be prepared' thread.

    ...And having lived on both sides of the line, i've had ok customer service and some not-so-ok customer service from time to time.

    but I can count on one hand the number of places I've been to where even ONE worker in any position clearly has the 'we got this' customer service attitude.

    Was pleased with the service I received, would visit again.

    ...provided patrick doesnt break his neck tripping on parts:eek3:
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  2. orndog

    orndog Member

    I gotta give them guys a call for my upcoming 30k.
  3. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    and a thanks for Brandon for looking into it deeper, in particular.

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