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    Recent dealing with a local Atlanta area mechanic has left our 05 STi in shambles! Had to have it hauled away on a flat bead and our motor returned to us completely disassembled by the Lawrenceville Police Department. Andy Mullins (*former owner of Versatile Automotive Performance in Marietta) took us! Had our car 5 MONTHS and we gave him $3525 for parts. DO NOT do business with this guy!! He is a con, a liar and a crook! This guy promised us a rebuilt performance motor with tune and delivered NOTHING! Had to call the police to get my car back because this idiot tried to say I owed him more money...SERIOUSLY! I have a signed receipt for all the money I gave him and a parts list he gave me. Well, he has all the money and I have lost 5 months of my life and my money dealing with this thief! PLEASE spread the word...get his name out there. The police said he had 2-3 other disassembled motors in his garage so I figure there are others being ripped off out there same as we were!

    Adding insult to injury we paid Mullins $4587 on 10/21/15 for a rebuild/repair which only lasted 4 months. Thought we would be able to make him stand behind his work and make the new repairs. NOPE...instead he conned us out of another $3525 and left us holding the bag! This guy knows how to work the system to avoid CRIMINAL charges. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!

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    Is this the same Andy that worked with Mike Sargent back in the day? Killshot performance I think?
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    You should contact AllPro Subaru and they will treat you respectfully and take great care of you. I am sorry to hear this man best of luck!
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    Really hate to hear about this. Thanks for letting the community know. If you need an honest and dependable shop I 2nd AllPro.
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    Yeah, he has a couple threads of other people having a positive experience, and has an ID on here, but its 5+ years old so probably hasnt been on here in a minute.

    Sorry to hear someone had a bad experience.

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