Anyone have a contact in sales at SOG?

Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by fast shadow, May 23, 2007.

  1. fast shadow

    fast shadow Member

    I heard that WRXAtlanta members get fairly aggressive pricing from SOG..
  2. Intrigue2727

    Intrigue2727 Member

    what i heard is that all you have to do it print your profile and give it to them.
  3. FTZ

    FTZ ^.^

    ^^^What he said
  4. mmtasty

    mmtasty Active Member

    Does that work with used cars?
  5. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    I dont know if they do anything for used cars, but for new cars if you print out your profile and bring it in, you get invoice pricing
  6. Strayen

    Strayen Active Member

    Talk to Mike in sales, I didn't have to show him anything but mentioned I read the reviews of SOG on this forum and he was able to hook it up.
  7. Weapon

    Weapon 90lbs of dynamite Supporting Member

    yea go talk to Willis..he can hook ya up :keke: jk
  8. gotsol

    gotsol Active Member

    I recommend Gary or Damon
  9. fast shadow

    fast shadow Member

    I may not be a regular here but I know who Willis is. :hsnono:
  10. Dr.Chris

    Dr.Chris Member

    Gary Sikes is a cool cat. My buddy purchased his WRX from him, then came back recently and purchased a Legacy GT wagon. He also mentioned to me about invoice pricing by printing your profile, so I'll be doing that when the 2008 STI comes out.
  11. rexrocker

    rexrocker Active Member

    +1 ^^ What he said.

    Gary took care of me when I got out of the '03 WRX and into the STi.
  12. mmtasty

    mmtasty Active Member

    I'm moving from my '03 WRX into a stock '05 STi. Think anyone could hook it up? I never work with dealerships, but if the deal is right I'd be all over it.
  13. fast shadow

    fast shadow Member

    I might stop by SOG on Saturday. My Evo has 12,000 miles, is in perfect shape, has four brand new RE01-R tires, and has only a few mods and makes 350whp. There's nothing wrong with it at all, but I just get the itch to change cars pretty often. And I have the urge to check out an 07 STI.
  14. FTZ

    FTZ ^.^

    Not to threadjack but, how are you liking the RE01-Rs?
  15. fast shadow

    fast shadow Member

    It's only been a day, but so far I like them. The stock A046 tires are tough to beat but they're $270 a corner compared to $146 a corner from Tire Rack for the RE01Rs. Bridgestone is also doing a $100 rebate for a set of 4 tires if you're a member of the SCCA, BMWCCA, or a couple of other eligible clubs. So I ended up spending $680 for the set, $580 after rebate. The RE01Rs have a rep of not being quite as grippy as the Falken RT-615 during its 'golden laps' - but the Falkens also have a rep for getting greasier than Varsity food once they get hot. The RE01Rs don't fade like that. Considering how hot it is down here I figured I'd get more out of the Bridgestones. The Bridgestones also have a better rep in the rain than the Falkens.
  16. imprezed

    imprezed New Member


    i give this one an A+
  17. imprezed

    imprezed New Member

    SOG rocks!
  18. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    Parts depart. gets awful busy don't they!:bowdown:
  19. MarkM2016GTI

    MarkM2016GTI Supporting Member

    Congrats Bro...Good Luck with the purchase...Talk to Gary or Damon. I bought my wagon from Neal, but he's in service now...LOL...

  20. sti37

    sti37 New Member

    I heard that you print your profile also
  21. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

    It couldn't be easier here ;) Print your WRXAtlanta profile, come in and talk to Gary or Damon and get no-haggle invoice pricing immediately ;)

  22. JPM Coachworks

    JPM Coachworks Registered Vendor<br/>Its delux son, delux. Supporting Member

    Eating lunch with siegel atm, and even though he posted above me I will say yes-its still true.
  23. BKiller

    BKiller Active Member

    Hmm. I tried to buy a used Gt Wagon from Mike a few weeks ago and he wouldn't budge at all on the car. Based on his attitude, I doubt mentioning the forum would of helped the deal.
    Oh well, bought a car somewhere else instead....
  24. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    IIRC used cars are different....b/c there isnt exactly an invoice price on a used car
  25. mmtasty

    mmtasty Active Member

    They still know their purchase price. I doubt they will cut into it much b/c that's taking dollars out of their pockets. With a new car they can find a way to take it out of SOA's pockets.

    Too bad they won't help. I've been looking for a good '05 STi for a month now. :wtc:
  26. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

    ^^^ One of our tech's has an '06 STi with a fresh short-block for $28k...

  27. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Good deal!
  28. mmtasty

    mmtasty Active Member

    If the deal I'm sending a deposit on now falls through I guarantee I'll be there to look at it.
  29. XanRules

    XanRules Active Member

    Gary's a good guy, he just wasn't too aggressive with the prices. Like, "I can't go lower than this." Then I'd mention the internet price, which would be like $1500 lower. "Oh, I can do that."

    Regardless, he was awesome, and although I didn't end up buying a Subaru there, I wanted to :D

    +1 for Gary Sikes.

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