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    Hey guys... Looking for someone with some prior experience to PlastiDip my Mustang GT emblems black. (4 total... The two 5.0 on the sides, GT on the back, and horse on the front). Yes, its not that difficult and I should do it myself... but I don't have a garage or steady hands and technical know how. This is an example of how I want them to look.. obviously the car in the example is black and mine is silver, but you get the idea.


    Fee negotiable....

    PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong thread... technically, I "want to buy" services :)
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    Just get some 3m blue masking tape and tape around and in the emblems and be careful cutting out the tape. Then spray with can ezpzlemonsqueezy
    Cover with a decent coat, wait a bit or use a heat gun to let it dry then do some more coats like that. Apparently the more coats the easier it is to come off if you want to get rid of it.
    Make sure around the emblems is covered up well too so you don't accidentally get spray anywhere you don't want.
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