ATL Top Shop Challenge!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Doug@DBW Motorsports, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Any and all shops are encouraged to enter. Talk the talk, now its time to walk the walk.

    Who knows... when its all said and done maybe we might all just get along. :hug:

    Rules for the competition:

    1. All shops will be required to use the same vehicle (to be decided)

    2. There will be a 3k parts cap. Meaning you must keep all parts ordered under the $3,000.00 dollar limit. Shops will be responsible for keeping and showing proof. Failure to do so will result in penalties.

    3. For every $100 spent over budget you will be given a 1 second penalty.

    4. Labor and custom fabrication is free, but the parts used will go torwards your total parts budget.

    5. All shops will be required to compete on a 140 treadware or higher tire.

    6. All shops must run 93oct, no octane adders will be allowed

    7. Dyno competition will be held the same day at Topspeed

    8. All cars must be registered, insured and street legal

    9. All cars will complete a full 20 laps. The total time of the 20 laps will be used.

    10. you are not allowed to sell off stock parts to recoup moneys lost in the budget.

    11. Used upgraded parts will be assesed a fair market value based off places like ebay, nasioc, wrxatl, iwsti... etc
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  2. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

  3. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    Seems like a good idea to me
  4. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Yes, the budget cap will force shops to show their own innovation and fabrication skills. The 20 lap total time will show that the shops are able to build something that will last the distance with minimal invested...

    All in all I think its an awesome idea..

    Now to just figure out what to build. I'm thinking bugeye wrx.. or something not expensive just so everyone can be involved.
  5. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    PS... the weather down here is Awesome..
  6. J_P

    J_P I like pudding pops Supporting Member

    Good idea.
    How about a subaru platform since this is WRXAtlanta.
  7. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    damn best shopwars suggestion yet. Still like the looser sporting the winners logo on their personal car. If shop cars are used for personal then they must sport it for 1year.

    hold this annually
  8. superdoughboy4

    superdoughboy4 Active Member

    Great idea. The rules seem fair and pretty solid.
    This will be a very interesting competition.
  9. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    I think just the results alone will be enough. As I am sure they will be brought up for years to come.
  10. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    fuck you. I'm in New Jersey...its cold here...
  11. This would be a great idea if we had time to build said car...
  12. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Sorry... its been sunny and 90 all day here.
  13. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    True... but this isn't something that has to be done in the next month.
  14. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member


    this would be a cool idea though. if the budget is that low, you might even be able to get some other teams in it
  15. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Yea... I agree The car needs to be something not expensive as I would like to see multiple shops entered.
  16. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    times up let do this
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2011
  17. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    an administrator/judge should be decided to interpret the agreed rules.
  18. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    same car? or same platform?
  19. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    I'm thinking bugeye as well. buy mine.
  20. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    same type... IE: 02-03wrx... etc... not one car to be shared
  21. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli Active Member

    buy mine too.
  22. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    ball and siegel have to be the drivers for the shops.
  23. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    can I enter my bugeye as "Retarded Monkey Racing™®" ?
  24. Raziel1

    Raziel1 Member

    I am willing to donate my car to this momentous undertaking! lmao
  25. Allpro Subaru

    Allpro Subaru Registered Vendor Supporting Member

    So Doug will you tune the Allpro car a little better than the TS one?
  26. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    LOL.. I will tune it to as much as it will make, and never hold anything back you have my word on that.
  27. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    I like my proposal simply for the quickness that this all could be done and over with. It could be done within a month I bet but truth be told I doubt it will ever happen.

    It's like being at the zoo, fucking monkeys thumping on their chests and slinging shit and it never escalates further.
  28. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    long term for all the bragging rights we go Doug's path.

    Since both of you have new STI's lets get something done soon
  29. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Ehh... both our 11sti's are over the budget, but mine not by much. Also I would want this to be more involved then just two shops.
  30. bixs

    bixs Supporting Member

    Looking forward to the events thread, get some grills/food/beer
  31. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    I totally agree on all shops involvement BUT teh TS/FP score NEEDS to be settled first.
    and I agree as you stated everyone may just get along after it all. I have 2 very good friendships that materialized only once we beat the ever living shit out of each other. I won of course. lulz
  32. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    I'm all for that too but would still rather see SS and Balls go at it on the track
  33. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    Why hasn't FP posted?
  34. sharif@forged

    sharif@forged Member

    Because I just saw the thread.

    We should race/dyno what we already have. No sense in spending money building and testing another machine when both key shops already have weapons ready to go. :)

    Screw it...and one more rule: NO PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS. As you said, we don't want someone to buy a hot shoe that can make a pile of crap go fast....just saying. :)
  35. b reel

    b reel Active Member


    oh wait, Forced Performance?
  36. J_P

    J_P I like pudding pops Supporting Member

    We definitely need this.

    Where do we draw the line for a Pro driver? Number of hours on track, paid to drive, race licenses?

    Maybe we need the drivers to come from a pool of members here? I'm willing to drive.
  37. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    if this really is only about the car produced by the shop....

    then there should only be one professional driver for the entire event.
  38. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    Hell yeah, I think we have a race.
  39. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    if we were going that route then just find an unbiased driver to pilot both cars no professionals needed but that even brings in too many issues.

    I still think Siegel and Ball battle it out for their shops. Both have decent track experience and from what I gathered from the thread that vanished they both seemed up to the task.
  40. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    The only reason i suggested it was to get a pro driver who cares equally nothing about either shops' cars and will drive them to their limits without too much concern of wrecking something thats theirs.

    this eliminates alot of excuses in my mind... but just throwing it out there...
  41. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    cause there are so many professional drivers just itching to settle this. Lets be realistic!

    I also like the idea of many laps but there needs to be a contingency plan if a driver fucks up as this is about the cars performance NOT the drivers.
  42. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Leh is in no way hired by us. He has been a friend of mine for a long time and works with us in his spare time in between his racing schedule.

    My sti is stock turbo I think having Leh wheel it would only be fair.
  43. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    yeah but this is about the car's performace with capable drivers. Leh is a pro and your friend so there is bias there as far as same driver both cars.
    we all know both your sti's are headed in the same direction "go big or go home" so lets have Siegel and Ball take this on.
  44. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Doug's Sti is in no way headed in the go big or go home direction.......

    Some of ya'll don't listen/read.

    Anyways I think this is a very good idea and shows a lot of promise. Add a quarter mile section Doug and get me to drive one here has shown any passes worth poop. And b reel has experienced a fraction of just how well I can launch a Subaru ;)
  45. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    No I don't have time to read everyting on here and I know doug for going big which is why he tuned all my cars. And despite my large ears I hear as well as you. ;)

    I just want a fair match and not a shop spending a gazillion dollars on the best of the best. I figured since they both have 11sti's get them similar on mods, tuned and let get this show on. otherwise everone needs to STFU.
  46. AutoxSTi

    AutoxSTi Member

    Would be cool to have a gymkhana thrown in there too. Maybe something to do some easy stuns or tricks. Would be cool to see them have some fun and compete. LOL! How bout a mile marker run also? Throw in some sort of teamwork type competition where they switch drivers or something to even up the score.
  47. How about converting the bugeyes to rear wheel drive only, and doug drives his, Shariff drives his and I or Mike will drive ours. I would love to paticipate in this.
  48. Mike@TTR

    Mike@TTR Active Member

    Hehe, yeah unfortunately I am throwing just about everything I can spare into my personal project. It is pretty much going in one particular direction and is already over the $3000 budget. But sometime in the future this could be a really fun project!
  49. AtlxPat

    AtlxPat Active Member

    this sounds promising!
    if its not a wrx/evo would it have to be something turbocharged/awd? or are we talking about something cheap like 240's? that would be a larger variety of shops i.e. lethal,tiger
    ...then again that would open the flood gates of the 240 kids.
  50. sharif@forged

    sharif@forged Member

    Who said anything about racing the STi. :) I was suggesting the GT-R's go at it. I'll drive Ryan@Forged true daily driver with stock turbos. You or your non-pro designate drives a GT-R. Or perhaps the GT2 vs. our GT3?

    And yeah, we know you don't pay Leh, since he is your friend. And we didn't pay for 3/4 of the parts that went into our sponsored project builds. But he's still a pro that derives a majority of his income from racing and the Forged project cars are still heavily modified.

    Scott and Matt...they are both pretty rusty. :eek:hnoes:
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