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Discussion in 'Member Journals & Project Build Stories' started by bigb996, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    Well i finally got the time to post my journal up.

    This should show you a little bit about the life of my car since i have owned it.

    I purchased this 2002 WRB WRX in June of 2005. It was nearly stock and looked like this.

    I first started with the stereo system by adding:
    2 Rockford fosgate P1 subs in a box i have had since my first car.

    i next added a head unit a kenwood 628, and a sirius sat radio. Well after saving money and waiting patiently i bought a 30 gig video ipod and a new head unit with ipod connector. I upgraded to an IWS-200 ALpine double din.

    i also added a autometer carbon fiber series boost and volts gauges.

    After a couple weeks and my first wrxatlanta g2g(mountain run) in july i decided it was time for some new wheels/tires and exhaust. I then went out and purchased a set of 17x8 Oz superlaggeras and 4 brand new Toyo Proxes Fz4 tires in 225/45/17s.

    The exhaust i ended up purchasing was a 3" GP moto turboback from Tray up at topspeed.

    Then came some other mods and things.

    I ended up getting her dynoed at Topspeed at the first big dyno day we had. I put down 219awhp and 229awtq.

    Well after having a spoiler for a good amount of time i decided i was tired of the look. Went out recently and did me a trunk swap.
    I also had added Eibach springs.

    just a random photo of the viper alarm + remote start and sti key.

    Off the lot -
    Rear diff protector
    cf trim pieces
    premium sound with sub under seat - disk changer is sold have the rest though
    arm rest extender
    factory alarm - dissabled

    -Alpine IVA-W200 double din DVD/Navigation/radio
    -Ipod speed cable
    -alpine type s 6.5" and 5.25" coaxilles
    -sony 2 channel amp
    -2 12" rockford fosgate p1 subs in sealed box
    -kenwood 628 head unit - SOLD
    -sirius sat radio - removed

    -momo shift knob
    -viper 771 remote start+ security
    -autometer carbon fiber series volts and boost gauges in gauge cluster
    -32% window tint

    -17x8 OZ superlaggeras
    -Toyo Proxes FZ4 225/45/17 tires
    -Winged to wingless trunk swap soon to be debadged
    -Rockblocker yellow fog light tint
    -sylvania 9007s
    -JDM sti hood scoop
    -Eibach pro kit lowering springs on new wrx struts
    -goodrich ss brake lines

    -Perrin Turbo inlet
    -Greddy type RS bov set for recirculation
    -GFB crank and alternator pullies
    -NGK plugs
    -3" GP moto turboback exhaust

    future mods:
    EM w/tuning
    brake pads
    slotted rotors
    painted side skirts
    front lip
    debadging of trunk
    new front grill
    sti intercooler
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  2. jonnyboy0150

    jonnyboy0150 Member

    Sick car man! Props for another wingless bugeye!!
  3. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    I've allways loved those rims... I'd like to get'm in gunmetal and in 18's...
  4. Weapon

    Weapon 90lbs of dynamite Supporting Member

    very nice!!!

    paint your sideskirts
  5. WrxCrazy

    WrxCrazy Active Member

    very nice ...
  6. jayj713

    jayj713 Member

    nicceee, I can't decide whether i like Wingless or Winged :/ They both look good!
  7. MarkM2016GTI

    MarkM2016GTI Supporting Member

    Nice Bri, Very Nice....Very Cool Ride...

  8. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    thanks guys....some future plans are to redo the wheels in black, debadge the trunk, add ecutek, and then get smoe new pads/slotted rotors.
  9. bluetwo

    bluetwo Active Member

    Can I still get the badges when you do take them off?

    I'm getting my trunk painted this week so it'll match up better.

    Journals looking good.
  10. savsuby

    savsuby Member

    very nice ride
  11. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    sure thing man, if you know anyone that knows how to remove them i want to do it soon.....i havnt had time to do it latly. i have read some ways but they were very brief.
  12. bluetwo

    bluetwo Active Member

    If you see Scott Sanders up at SOG he can probably give you some pretty good tips on removal. All I know is use a blow dryer to warm it up then use dental floss to separate the glue. But there are probably better ways.
  13. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    well if i can get a nice day off of work ill try and wake up and wash and wax the car and do a nice removal too. but yea i will definatly get them to you because i dont want them hehe...
  14. clemsonscooby

    clemsonscooby Active Member

    Sveet ride mon!
  15. jayj713

    jayj713 Member

    Is it possible to take off the Oval Subaru Badge? It has the holes behind it, so the only way to get it off completely is to do some metal working to cover up the holes huh?
    Last edited: May 1, 2006
  16. WrxCrazy

    WrxCrazy Active Member

    or get a jdm badge ;)
  17. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    really? i never actually looked at it....thats gonna suck if so.
  18. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    So you are saying its the pinned one, what most people are doing with the new badging (bastards).
  19. ShaneSTI

    ShaneSTI Active Member

    very nice write up bigb! lookin forward to hangin out with ya when i get back in a few weeks!
  20. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    definatly shane! hurry back brotha!
  21. sol drums

    sol drums Active Member

    car's looking good man! i bet that sound system kicks ass!
  22. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    thanks man, its not to shabby for a 977.00 stereo including a 650.00 radio:)....i would hate tothink how much it woulda been regular price.
  23. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    now for sale in the classifieds section:)
  24. Deke

    Deke Active Member

    You shady ass bastard...haha you better have something awesome coming soon.
  25. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    not gonna lie man i want one of these bad boys! but im just a poor college kid:(
  26. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    Theres an Elise like that(not sure about the hardtop) at a dealership on HWY 9 in Alpharetta.... Sweet ride, there soooo small though!!! I'd have to saw my legs off to get in(I'm 6 4')... Looks like a toy up close...
  27. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    Stay Tuned As Some Changes Are On The Way Slowly

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