Buncha cobb parts.

Discussion in 'Community Classifieds' started by Wycked304, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Wycked304

    Wycked304 New Member

    What up fellow Subaru folk. I am in the process of rebuilding my STI at Top Speed and have a few parts that I am no longer in need of and am throwing them up here for you all to engage in an intense bidding war over....funny, huh?

    These parts came off of a 2010 STI, so compatibility can be matched accordingly.

    Cobb Tuning catted bellmouth downpipe, has been ceramic coated. $325---dropped to $175---

    Cobb Tuning Uppipe, also ceramic coated. $175---SOLD!!---

    Cobb Tuning Short Ram SF intake(black) and Cobb Tuning SF Intake air box.(would prefer to sell together) $200-----SOLD!!-----

    If anybody is feeling particularly saucy, I will do everything for $600.

    All prices are negotiable, so let's make a deal. Need to move these ASAP.
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  2. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    @Wycked304 I may be interested in the Cobb catted DP. May you please PM me additional info on it (miles, etc)?
  3. Wycked304

    Wycked304 New Member

    Bumparoo for super duper awesome new prices!!!
  4. Wycked304

    Wycked304 New Member

    Bump it on up, new prices. Cmon folks, you know you need these in your life!! I'll even throw in a bag of half eaten potato chips and a stick of gum.
  5. Wycked304

    Wycked304 New Member

    Anybody?! Still have the Up and down pipe. Make an offer. these things are begging to be put to use!! They have YOUR NAME written all over them.....not really. But they do need to go.
  6. sliqwille

    sliqwille Member

    Interested in the uppipe if still available. Pm sent!
  7. caleno1610

    caleno1610 New Member

    hey man I am interested in the Catted Downpipe if you haven't sold it yet-

    please text me - pmd
  8. Wycked304

    Wycked304 New Member

    Folks, the DP is still available!! and lowered!!

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