comedian having a bad day

Discussion in 'Peanut Gallery' started by miloman, Nov 7, 2006.

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  2. thebigph

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    it's sad that there are people out there and they're the loudest so that's all that people hear it seems like
  3. mattprzy

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    Lol @ the women trying to punch him. I think that if the woman (or anybody at all) cares so much about racist / sexest jokes that they probably shouldn't be going to a comedy club. Like he said, it's about freedom of speech. I don't think anybody has a right to hit him (or anybody) no matter what he says about anything.

    wow those audience members really got to me =\

    anyway, back to video games.
  4. Deke

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    Yeah that sucks. Like Matt said, they definitely should not be going to comedy clubs if they're getting that upset.
  5. Eric-RPS13-

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    well it's not a racial thing it's a religious joke
    if he said sand n***** that would be racist

    I hate people that think freedom of speech is only applicable to their agendas. LOL what he said is right on though, can't stand politically correct people like that.
    James Inman is freaking hilarious, I saw him here once, I died laughing, he attacks the crowd, it's great.

    and no I'm not a republican, or a democrat, or any third party, but I do support the US government. I guess you could say I take the Travis Bickle approach, turn in blank ballots.
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  6. Brian

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    "This is scary because it's so weird" lol, he drew the attention of a hard core man hater

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