Completely stumped

Discussion in 'General Community' started by midnight_rider, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Hi Subie fam,

    It's been quite some time since I've posted in the forums but I do lurk in the Facebook group. I will probably make a post there as well cause I figure some members probably either use the boards or FB. Not sure if this is the right location for this thread but I didn't see any other section that would be appropriate.

    Anyways, 2004 STi, block is built (pistons,rods,valves,springs, etc) BNR 50 Trim turbo, 38mm EWG, 1200cc injectors, walbro 485. I am having an issue where the car will completely bog down/stutter/hesitate/buck when pressing the accelerator. After bogging down, it will start accelerating. Its almost as if no fuel is getting to the engine and then all of a sudden it accelerates. It also only seems to happen if RPMs are below ~3.5K . I have no check engine light, Access Port says DAM is at 1, no feedback knock nor fine learn knock, all fluid levels are full, gas tank is full. Im thinking it is fuel related but I could be wrong. Tune was done at TopSpeed last September so Im pretty sure its not the tune. Are there any other outputs I could monitor to narrow down what could be causing the issue? Any other ideas?

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