Crazy Fuel Leak Fixed!!

Discussion in 'Modifications & DIY how-to' started by GTscoob, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. GTscoob

    GTscoob Black is Beautiful

    Well guys I got my car back today.

    It turns out one of the fuel lines was cracked and one of the clamps holding it tight was also broken. I dont know what could have done it, nor have I actually inspected it yet since I got my car back tonight after the sun went down.

    My dad said that when the mechanics started the car up today the crack was bad enough that there was a constant drip coming out of the fuel line. I guess that I found the problem just in time before it got really crazy.

    I got to drive it for a couple minutes tonight but couldnt really play around too much because I have two big exams in the morning. I'm going to reset the ECU tomorrow afternoon since I'm sure it has been pulling timing because of the lack of fuel.

  2. ScoobyMike

    ScoobyMike OG Mod

    That great that you got it fixed. Shitty problem tho. Next step is get that thing on the dyno.
  3. Alex

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  4. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    did that fix all the other suspected problems?
  5. GTscoob

    GTscoob Black is Beautiful

    Pretty much. I'll have to wait until the next really really cold night to see if my transmission acts up again.

    It seems like the car doesnt want to rev as quickly as it did a long time ago, but I think thats more the weather than anything else.

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