Ej257 manley stroker pistons f/s

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    Well long story short I ordered a standard set of forged pistons for my Sti and after receiving them tossed them in my closet until I got all the rest of the items to rebuild my motor. I basically sat on these for 7 months before needing to use them and come to find out I was sent the wrong pistons. So as you know I am now stuck with them because of the length of time from purchase. I have no use for them as I have already purchased the proper pistons for my application. These pistons are brand new in the box with unopened rings and wrist pins/clips. They are for stroker applications. They specs are as shown below
    If you have any questions I will try and answer them to the best of my knowledge. I have inserted 1 piston into the cylinder which is how I found that they wouldn't fit and the other 3 are absolutely untouched. The one that was inserted is not damaged and perfectly useable in all aspects. I am looking to get $350obo for these as like posted above I have no use for them and would like to try and recoup some of my loss. I am slightly negotiable on the price but I'm not giving them away So please be fair when making offers. If interested shoot me a text at 678-689-9245. I can send picture of them. Won't allow me to put pictures up keeps telling me file too large.

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