F@#$ now there isn't any premium!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by BelvnAWD, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Berzerklo

    Berzerklo Active Member

    Where did you find the Toluene, and how much?
  2. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    I dont have enough gas to do anything but go get gas.

    If i go and they dont have premium, then i dont make it home...
  3. pEd

    pEd This ain't no Piccadilly!

    Sherwin Williams (or any paint store) will have it.
    They'll ask what you're going to do with it (I believe it can be used to make meth), so tell them
    and you'll pay about $19/gallon.
  4. Berzerklo

    Berzerklo Active Member

    Thanks. I'll make sure not to have a case of Sudafed with me either!
  5. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

    q16 is only $13.95 per gallon ;)

  6. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli Active Member

    Every gas station has diesel so I went ahead and filled up with that instead.
  7. FTZ

    FTZ ^.^

    Sherwin Williams on Roswell Road. It was $16 for a gallon I believe. Any paint store should have it, along with Home Depot or Lowes.
  8. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    it really doesn't raise it as much as you think. it is 114 octane IIRC. putting 1 gal into 14 gallons will raise it by 1.5 points.
  9. pEd

    pEd This ain't no Piccadilly!

    Isn't q16 leaded though?

    Or more importantly, if you're catted, won't it bake the cat material?
  10. BelvnAWD

    BelvnAWD I'm Vin, Bell-Vin...

    No idea on the race gas, but the BP on Hwy 20 heading into Lawrenceville seemed to have a decent supply of premium today, and not a lot of people at it. ...
  11. nsvwrx

    nsvwrx Active Member

    its starting to get better in lawrenceville/lilburn
  12. Weapon

    Weapon 90lbs of dynamite Supporting Member

    QT on 78 had all 3 grades today..it was a fucking madhouse there though!!
  13. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    I passed 18 stations in Cartersville tonight and 1 had fuel. No idea what grades they had.
  14. El_Diablo

    El_Diablo Member

    Even in the Augusta area it's terrible. I can't find any 93 anywhere!
  15. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    "QuikTrip Says All Their Stations Will Have Gas By Wednesday" according to www.wsbtv.com - didn't specify what/if all grades...hopefully 93!!!!!
  16. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    I passes a QT on my way home and they were bone dry. They are one of those 25% without I guess...
  17. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    Just filled up at BP on Windward & Hwy. 9 at $4.69 for premium(Tues/3:30am)... ouch! but better than driving around in the AM and being forced to wait in line for regular at a cheaper price..
  18. jeb

    jeb Member

    On Fulton Industrial right off of 20(where I work) almost all of the stations, 4 or 5 out of 6, had regular yesterday with one car waits or so but no one had premium. It looks like they might have run dry this morning though.
  19. AirMax95

    AirMax95 Active Member

    Funny thing, last night people were camping out at the pumps @ the QT off Sugarloaf near 316. No truck in route, nor was there a confirmed delivery on the way, lol.

    My theory is go to a popular gas station between the hours of 3am and 5am. No lines, all gas......
  20. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    saw a truck at Shell on New Northside drive and 285....and another getting off 285 to go to Chevron with a LINE of cars behind it......

  21. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    Colonial Pipeline is back to full capacity, QTs should all be stocked by Wed/Thurs, and normal supply to all stations are expected to be back within a week-ish
  22. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    That just underscores the psychosis and self entitlement of most metro atlantans

    then people would have spent the day looking for gas and topping off.

    To be honest, i'm quite disgusted with a lot of people right now. I work at a place where most of the people here drive SUVs or large luxury sedans and the past two days i've seen 99% of these people go OUT to fucking lunch and run errands or just bring back their food. NO ONE seems to be brown-bagging and NO ONE on the street seems to driving any fucking differently. we SO fucking deserve the shit that we're in.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2008
  23. DaveH

    DaveH Member

    Can someone explain to me why the 'topping off' phenomenon is a big problem?

    It's not like it increases demand....demand is a function of consumption, right?

    I'm sure wait times at the pumps aren't helped by these folks topping off. But I can't see topping off making the shortage any worse.

    Sonny Perdue might disagree, but then again, he was the one who forgot to call the EPA. For 2 weeks.

    As an aside, my WRX is running on 87 right now :(
  24. nsvwrx

    nsvwrx Active Member

    i top off, always have , always will...
  25. DaveH

    DaveH Member

    We have become a nation of crack whores for gas.

    It's ridiculous.

    And the popular solution: drill more.

  26. FTZ

    FTZ ^.^

    I think it has to do with the limited supply of fuel coming in. Instead of a gas station getting a full load of fuel with each delivery, they are only getting a portion of their normal delivery. The second they get that delivery, cars start lining up to top off their tanks, taking the needed fuel form someone like me yesterday, who actually needed to fill up, I was running on fumes.

    As to the whole topping off thing, it is the same as in the Northern States when there are weather forecasts for Snow. Mention the word Snow in the North, and instantly everyone panics and runs to the Supermarket. There have been many times that Snow would be predicted, and my mom would go to the Supermarket. The lines at the register were similar to the lines at the pumps here. Shelves were emptied, and people would horde anything they could get their hands on.

    We would get snow, and the city would shut down for a day, plows would be out in full force, and the next day everything would be back to normal. The instant snow was mentioned the people panicked, as if they couldn't live for a day or two with what was already in their houses. Rarely would the city be shut down for more than 1 day to necessitate the reaction of the people.
  27. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    just like chris rock said on kill the messenger..soon people gona start fck'ing for gas....I'm off today...i plan on keeping my @$$ in the house...dust of the 360 and play some gta4...
  28. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    what's your xboxlive name?
  29. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    never got that far in setting it up...sad..i know...
  30. WRXCoupe

    WRXCoupe Active Member

    I filled up with 87 on Sunday happy to find some gas. Being a novice I called The Siegel since he tuned the car to make sure I could run it and he stated Top Speed is open for another hour I better get over there. Syphoned off four gallons of 87 and replaced with four gallons of race fuel. I won't be doing that stunt again with the 87. The difference is quite subtle. I have to reload my base MAP and make sure my DA is up to .1 I believe.
    My 2 cents on this whole gas thing is: Shirley Franklin + Sonny Purdue = Epic Failure
  31. seanwrxwagon

    seanwrxwagon Member

    Topping off does increase demand. If you averaged the gas level of all metro Atlanta drivers on a regular day it should be close to 1/2 a tank. People freaking out and topping off would move the average tank level closer to 3/4 full. 1/4 tank more, on average, for every car in Atlanta is a lot of gas. Demand should fall for a short while after this "crisis" is over. Consumption doesn't mean when the gas is burned to create energy but when it is pumped into the car.
  32. jeb

    jeb Member

    I bet it'll be longer than that if they're waiting on the pipeline. It only goes 3-5 MPH http://www.colpipe.com/ab_faq.asp#5 so it could be up to two weeks before the 100% capacity they're dumping in it now gets to us.
  33. nsvwrx

    nsvwrx Active Member

    It generally takes from 14 to 24 days for a batch to get from Houston, Texas to the New York harbor, with 18.5 days the average time.

    to NY
    so cut that time in half for us, 7-12 days.
  34. seanwrxwagon

    seanwrxwagon Member

    I guess that means any shortages also take two weeks before they actually effect us.
  35. AirMax95

    AirMax95 Active Member

    Thats how I feel. People complain, but are not doing anything to lessen their personal stress. Seriously, we know the crunch will slowy cease. I don't go anywhere that I really dont need to. Who wants to sit in line at the pump for an hour????

    Freaking kooks, loonies I tell ya!
  36. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    It started pumping yesterday at that rate.
  37. totsubo

    totsubo Member

    I finally got a full tank!

    I used 10 gallons of 87 OCT. 2 Gallons of Toluene 114 OCT with 7 gallons of 93 OCT (3.5 that I found at a station with $25 cap on all grades).

    So, essentially I have 92 OCT pump gas.
  38. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    I disagree in so much as the only way to lower consumption is to eliminate the need to consume it. We only need gas during weekdays for work, school, commuting.

    Those of us who are smart and would sit home like we should, with no unnecessary driving, would no longer NEED to compete with the top-off sheep.

    But make no mistake, blame for this madness rest solely on the people, not with the government (any more than usual). But nobody wants to hear the un-sexy answer that their own entitlement attitude is what caused it...

    98SILVERSTANG Member

    I understand what you guys are saying to an extent. I mean they say not to top off but ok so I let it get down to a 1/4 tank and guess what now I can't find a gas station. So now I have the subaru on reserve no premium in site and have my wife's car on reserve and wife is driving the Expedition daily so I can let the subaru sit. I fill 2-2.5 per week just to get to work. Hoping I can find something late tonight or I am screwed tomorrow for work.

  40. 4sevens

    4sevens Member

    I'm waiting for there to be an EXCESS of gas due to people topping off and a
    DROP in prices. Yeah I'm living in a pipe dream.
  41. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    Yeah, lemme clear up the definition of "top off"

    You buy less than 4 gallons of gas to fill the 'top off'.
  42. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli Active Member

    Amazing what a hurricane can do to a fragile supply system.

    Just imagine the hell this country would be in if the 9/11 terrorist decided to hit the refineries instead. We probably wouldn't have had gas for a year :eek:hnoes:
  43. seanwrxwagon

    seanwrxwagon Member

    Don't give anyone any ideas.
  44. WRboXer

    WRboXer Active Member

    Plenty of fresh 93 down here in Auburn, Al. :)

    Doesnt matter anyways, i ride my bicycle mostly or my motorcycle if i wont to go anywhere. I may use 3-5gals a week.

    Everyone needs a motorcycle, the more of them on the road...the safer it will be to ride them.
  45. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    i'm up in Kentucky right now...premium is $3.89 and these people don't even understand the concept of a gas shortage...in fact once we left Georgia...there was gas everywhere.
  46. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    Yeah, they did the same thing at the QT on Haynes Bridge last night... They were camping out while I get a fresh load of tasty 93oct at the BP about 3 miles away. Its amazing what a little research will get you... If you guys aren't on it, you need to go to Atlantagasprices.com ... its what you get to if you drill down on gasbuddy.com. The more people that input on that site, the easier it is to find the right station.
  47. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    depends on what side of town. useless in the horse country i live in for premium.
  48. DaveH

    DaveH Member

    Filled up on premium on Barrett Pkwy today.

    Where: Costco.

    How much? $4.24/gal (ouch).

    They have been out for a week. Now they have gas, but no one seems to know yet. Usually there are loooong lines. Today, I was able to drive straight up to a pump. :)

    Back to topping off: I agree that there is a short period of time where demand will increase. But it doesn't last 2 weeks. After the 'bump', demand is a function of consumption - which is LOW right now. There is a lot less traffic out there and I have noticed people driving slower. Come to think of it, I've even noticed myself driving slower!

    So, I'm back to blaming our jet-setting guv'nor. He's probably munching on tapas right now, and toasting to our gas shortage with his non-alcoholic Rioja. Wanker. :unamused:
  49. dontcallitarex

    dontcallitarex Active Member

    Thats right behind the bailout passing the House in the realm of possibility.

    And by that I mean you and I will have to keep dreaming.

    I filled up with some good ol 93 octane today at a station just south of stockbridge. 4.39. :wtc:
  50. nsvwrx

    nsvwrx Active Member

    Yeap Perdue is a mother fucker.

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