Finally took some pics of the '02...

Discussion in 'Member Journals & Project Build Stories' started by jonnyboy0150, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. jonnyboy0150

    jonnyboy0150 Member

    My performance mod list...
    2.5l STi shortblock
    IHI VF22
    PE800cc Injectors (compliments of Milo) :)
    RPS 6-Puck sprung hub clutch
    Ecutek by S.S.
    SMC Meth Inj.
    Big TMIC
    Perrin Charge Pipe and Inlet hose
    TurboXS Up Pipe
    Helix Downpipe
    Blitz Nur-spec Touring catback

    And a whole bunch of suspension and drivetrain mods...

    My '02 and my mom's '05 LGT
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  2. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    very clean man
  3. yerrow

    yerrow Active Member

    most excellent!
  4. ScoobyMike

    ScoobyMike OG Mod

    I like man!!
  5. sol drums

    sol drums Active Member

    awesome car man!
  6. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

  7. jonnyboy0150

    jonnyboy0150 Member

    Thanks everyone!! Also my mom has whiteline front and rear sway bars on her car, lol!!
  8. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Its about time :)
  9. NIce.....I heard about your car the other day when i was getting mine tuned well i think it was your he was talking about.
  10. 1ll-WRX

    1ll-WRX Active Member

    hows the 2.5 swap treatin ya?......was it everything you'd hoped for?.... very nice car!!!!!
  11. MarkM2016GTI

    MarkM2016GTI Supporting Member

    Very Nice Pics, John...

  12. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    how much power r u making with the current setup?
  13. jonnyboy0150

    jonnyboy0150 Member

    Scott estimates that its making only about 260hp but about 370lb/ft @ around 2700rpm. Keep in mind this is still the factory TD04 turbo. It makes 17psi of boost at about 2500rpm.
  14. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    that sounds about right... numbers should be similar to an 06 WRX with a similar setup... with everything except meth, ive seen them make ~340wtq and ~240whp
  15. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    And thats why its a turbo diesel :keke:

  16. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Sounds like my turbo diesel suburban!

    Sweet car there. :) How difficult was the 2.5 to put in? point me to a thread if there is one. :hs:
  17. jonnyboy0150

    jonnyboy0150 Member

    Well, its not the easiest as far as work involved. But it is a bolt up swap, so theres no crazy modification needed to put it in. I got some help from Arnold on this forum, he works with me at Atlanta Classic Cars. So we had lifts and all the tools needed, and he had done a couple before, so that made it easier.

    Overall, it took about 12 hours. But there was two of us, so technically 24 man-hours. Had to wait 3 weeks for my clutch due to some serious misunderstandings. But i love the swap, the torque is really fun for city driving. And the shortblock can handle alot more power and alot more boost.

    Anything else your curious about?? Let me know if i can help you with anything.
  18. Thanks. I'm just curious for now. a 2.5 is a long way off for me, but its in my sights for later.
    I'm sure it will be a year before I get to that point.

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