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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by lobelsteve, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Doug@DBW Motorsports

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    Breel kinda beat me to it but... name one 600 plus hp 4 cylinder motor that didnt get refreshed every other year or so. I know you dont have much experience with high hp 4cyl but it just doesnt happen that way.

    So to try and throw out some challenge of naming 10 cars is just silly, you'd have a hard time finding two that made iit over two years without a refresh... unless they were garage queens.
  2. b reel

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    Thanks Doug, I've listened to many a story of owners getting upset with their high horsepower builds taking a shit on them after a year or two. You almost feel sorry for them for being so ignorant of the fact that this type of build will require a little more attention than an oil change, I did say almost.
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    Our very own JDM-STi on this board is going on two years with his 31psi EVERY DAY pinned block.

    Factory sleeves are a FRACTION of the thickness of the aftermarket sleeves, which is why aftermarket sleeves are MUCH stronger, and why they almost universally lose headgaskets after a year or so of daily driving.

    Honestly at this point it doesn't really seem to matter what we say on this board. All I can say is that in my experience of being in this industry every day for the last 8+ years, sleeves on everything other than Honda's seem to have VERY short lives. I can accept that because when you look at the THICK sleeves that get put in and how much aluminum gets removed I can see how it might have a heat-cycle life. I have also seen that things like aluminum "block guards" (similar to pinning) seem to last quite a while.

    The best shot that I've seen to get Steve a HIGH hp daily driven STi is exactly what we built him.

  4. lobelsteve

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    You keep getting crapped on and keep taking the high road. That's why I respect you and why you get my business. I'll drive the STI for a year and then we can get the Factory Five Cobra Coupe built.
  5. Ballzo6

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    How many sleeved Subaru motors have you tuned?

    They blow headgaskets because the sleeves sink not because they expand.

    I hope Steves motor last a long time I really do but do go so far as to say that pins are a better solution than sleeves.....its like saying you would rather have one virgin than ten can say it over and over again but its still a lie.
  6. b reel

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    It doesn't matter how many he's tuned, the question is how many has he built? My only problem is stating an opinion as fact and just being plain wrong. You might want to talk to some Cobra guys about those 427 blocks they love to use. I bet if it was built right it has sleeves, and can think of two cars that have been running for over ten years without a problem.
  7. Cool_____

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    Heh. SS likes to think he knows it all and hides behind a GT Engineering degree. There's been several times in the past when I would prove him wrong about something engine related or mechanical related and he would call me all upset because I posted that he was wrong. Kept hearing the phrase "I'm a tuner not a mechanic....remember that."

    Quite frankly I believe if you can't get the simple things down and right you have no business being a tuner.
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  8. WJM

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    Dude, ALL SUBARU engines are SLEEVED from the factory. With...FACTORY sleeves.

    My sleeved engine...has...14 years, 10 months, some days/hrs/minutes/seconds along with the 298,3xx+ miles on it.

    I'm pretty sure sleeves WORK when installed CORRECTLY.
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  9. 07Ltd#767

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    Rumor is this doesn't matter anymore...apparently there's one less tuner in the tuning world :dunno
  10. BrianGT

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    Wish him the best in his new career field. I hope it works out better than the tuning field for him.
  11. WJM

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    rumor is....the source wont get back to me. Thus the posting.
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    There are no rumors at Forged. If you call and ask, you will find the truth to everything.
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  15. Cool_____

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    :rofl: Except when you ask where your stage II turbo is....

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