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    This is for the locost, not a Subaru. All parts in question are hyperlinked in the text, so if you're running the darkness theme, make sure you scroll over text w/ your mouse.

    I'm trying to put together the front suspension and as someone who's never dabbled in the suspension geometry, it's daunting to say the least. I've contacted Weaver and I should have my rear end setup in the next week or two, so once i get that framed in I can started the dreaded front suspension. My overall rear track width is 61.5" (per the interwebs)

    My fronts are going to be interesting. I haven't worked out the exact numbers yet, but I'm looking to use these as my front upper adjustable arms.. I'm not sure which length I need yet, but I can easily figure that out once I narrow down the spindles I'm going to use, which brings me to the part I have questions on.

    I plan on using something like these 2" drop spindles based on the Mustang II front end. From there, I'm looking at this big break kit.

    I think my brake kit is WAY to much, but I need something that looks good enough for show quality and this complete kit simplifies the process. If I get this kit, are there any peripherals anybody can see that the kit doesn't include? I didn't know if i needed to get a spindle nut / washer kit like this, or if the kit has these pieces included.

    If I don't get this kit (I'd much prefer to spend about half that...), does anybody have a kit they'd recommend that is dummy proof for people like me?

    I also have no idea what to do for the ball joints. I found this helpful PDF that breaks everything down, but I'm still not sure on the individual parts / pieces - if anybody has messed with these, any links / info would be helpful.

    Finally, i plan on using these for the lower control arms. They're only $100 each, and they come fully assembled to my specs ($75 if I want to size them / weld them together myself....worth the $50 for both sides to have that done right).

    Outside of brackets that will be welded to the frame and hardware to hold the (4) mounting points on the upper / lower a-arms to the brackets, I need to make sure I have all pieces required (except for the coilovers) to make this suspension setup work. I also need a steering rack, but I have no idea how to select one of those. I'm looking at something like this, but any input here would also be appreciated.

    Even if you're only speculating, feel free to throw in ideas...I'm learning about this shit as I go, and any questions I don't know only inspire research to figure it out...
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    don't care for the square tube in the lower arm design

    contact flaming river or Sweetmfg directly about the steering rack and column needs.

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