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    260k miles. I bought this a little over a year ago from an interesting scooby mechanic in Lawrenceville name Gary. He put a new shortblock in it along with a bunch of other stuff for a customer that wanted their kid to have a reliable car, then bought it back when they didn't need it anymore. Everything works, though there's been a couple super hot days I noticed the AC wasn't as strong as I would have liked. The transmission feels amazing for the mileage. Since I've had it, it's gotten the following:

    New excedy clutch and flywheel
    16.0:1 legacy steering rack with poly bushings
    Group N tranny mount and poly crossmember bushings
    Poly shift bushings, linkage was already new
    Baja rear swaybar and bushings
    New tires
    Tinted windows and sunroof
    Tranny and rear diff oil changed with subaru gear oil
    New intake and cabin filters

    The car drives and handles great. It's been extremely reliable (multiple trips to south florida with my family) and is fun to drive on and off road. It uses about a quart of oil every 1.5k miles. The interior looks fairly good though the leather driver seat is torn. Heated seats and mirrors work well, I haven't had to try the wiper heaters. The front bumper has seen better days, and I had to do a little massaging to get a new fender on the driver side to line up. The paint is far from perfect, but somehow it shines up decently with minimal effort. I'm selling it because I liked it so much I wanted a newer one with more power and bought an '06 xt, which somehow isn't as fun to drive (but I'm working on that).


    I'll get some photos up as soon as I can. Price is $3500.
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