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Discussion in 'Car Classifieds' started by eyeballs, Sep 26, 2017.

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    $4500. 143k miles. Rebuilt title due to minor rear end collision from previous owner. I’ve owned this car since 4/13 (@130k miles) and it’s been incredibly good to me. 4-5 track days per year has been the norm from 2014 on. All maintenance is up to date, and maintenance log will be included. Timing belt/water pump job done a couple months ago and clutch was done earlier this year. Lots of other stuff refreshed but I wanted to mention the big ones.

    Mechanically the car is incredible. Cosmetically it’s good for a track car, but has a few small dents and blemishes noticeable up close. The emerald green paint smoothly fades to black in the rear. Tan vinyl top is in fair condition, and has a new rain rail.

    The last time I drove it an evap leak code popped up. A quick hoses/connections inspection didn’t reveal the cause, and there is no fuel odor. It popped up a couple months ago too, but a new OEM gas cap seemed to satisfy the obd2 until now. I'm going to try and solve it before the car sells.

    I'm selling it because I just bought an Rx8 to replace it, as I really wanted something track friendly with back seats which allows me to free up some driveway space. I'm going to miss it for sure, as it is an absolute blast on track and has never let me down.

    AC delete, CC delete, Stereo delete, PS delete (FM style), airbag delete, airbag bulb delete, insulation delete, tan carpet remains
    Sonic motor VS3 seats (bride low-max replica)
    Schroth profi 2 hans 6-point harness for each seat
    OE 3-point belt for each seat (only drivers side is current routed in a functional configuration)
    Blackbird fabworx fire extinguisher kit
    Harddog hardcore m2 rollbar with harddog bolt-in harness bar
    Sparco L360 leather steering wheel with functional horn button
    OE mazda2 shift knob (have miata knob too)

    Ryoku Rob tow hook (front and rear)
    OE engine aero/splash shield in good condition
    Power antenna delete
    Tan vinyl top with glass window and defrost

    Mazda competition motor mounts
    DDM stage 2 intake
    MSM intake cam
    5xracing timing wheel
    Racing beat header with swain tech white lightning coating
    Roadstersport mid-pipe with high flow cat
    Enthuza XR axle-back (fitted)
    Roadstersport axle-back (not fitted)
    M-tuned coolant reroute
    Garagestar cooling plate
    949racing supermiata 1.6 organic clutch and lightweight flywheel
    949racing supermiata clutch line
    2lb lithium battery
    factory lsd

    949racing and stoptech braided steel lines
    Valvoline synthetic fluid
    G-loc r8 brake pads front and rear

    Xida gen1 700/400 coilovers
    FM front swaybar with supermiata endlinks
    Rear bar delete
    Polyurethane control arm bushings

    Running gear:
    Flow formed konig helix 15x8
    Yokohama AD08R tires with at least a few track days left
    Gorilla spline lugs




  2. Alex

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    Good luck with sale.
  3. eyeballs

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    Thanks. This actually sold a couple days after I listed it to another local miata enthusiast.

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