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    I moved to Augusta from Germany this past January. Previously in Nashville. I registered ages ago when I was looking for a bugeye and willing to drive to Atlanta for it.

    Flew from Germany to buy my wagon, that I left in storage until I moved back permanently.

    Recently spun a rod bearing then built a motor in which the machinist didn't clean the metal shavings from the oil passages and only got 40 miles out of it.

    So I'm currently down again.

    Getting very familiar with these cars, had 2 in Germany and this is the 4th time I've had to motor out of my WRX.

    I'm going big time this round. Rotated, FMIC, Rebuilding the built block and adding cams to the heads.

    I've been making my way out to Atlanta more often and am selling off some parts from my previous setup and looking for that last few pieces I need to get back on the road.

    Figured I'd say hello and get my post count up so I can put my stuff up for sale and have another excuse to head to the city and meet some of you guys.

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