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    1. Where do you live? Rome, GA
    2. What do you preferred to be called (not your username)? Name is R.G. Call me what you want
    3. What do you drive? 2013 WRX
    4. How modded is your ride? Cobb intake, Cobb AP V3
    5. Where do you usually buy parts? Internet, Craigslist,
    6. Do you visit any other local boards? WRXTuners
    7. Show, Go, or Stock and staying that way? Go...looking for 375 to 400hp after warranty is up
    8. Do you wave to other wrx's when you see then coming towards you? Yes
    9. Where did you find out about WRXatlanta? Other forms, car stickers
    Good Morning all!
    New to the forum. Look forward to some new friendships and contacts. I live in Rome, Ga drive a 2013 WRX with minor mods. Goal of 370 to 400 hp in the future.
    About me: 34 / Male. Job: Paramedic, I also own and operate EyeCandy Etching. EyeCandy is a provider of glass etching and vinyl graphics in Northwest Ga.
    Hobbies: Motorsports, Firearms
    Past Vehicles: 1993 Acura Integra GSR w/ Black Sheep b17A1, 1999 BMW 540i M-Sport, 2008 Magnum SRT8

    Look forward to meeting some fellow enthusiast
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    Welcome to our community!
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    Thanks. Any members near Rome, Calhoun or Cartersville out there?
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    I'm sure there are several. Be sure to ask in our FB group if you have not already, too!
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    Welcome to the boards man!

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