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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mrWRXdude89, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. mrWRXdude89

    mrWRXdude89 Member

    hey fellas. im new to the forum and the wrx scene although i have been researching for months. Finally sold my honda prelude and got me 2005 WRX. I love it and have huge plans for it. well here it is.....




    oh and i live over by kennesaw and i saw a silver and blue bug eye and i think they work over at the subaru dealership. if they see this hit me up on here or somethin cause i wanna ask you guys a few questions.
  2. atlxkevinx

    atlxkevinx Member

    congrats! welcome to the club!
  3. mrWRXdude89

    mrWRXdude89 Member

    my names kevin too ha
  4. WRXbryanATL

    WRXbryanATL Member

    Welcome. Any questions you have you can usually just post about and people will answer pretty straight forward.
  5. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    welcome to the community!
  6. ScoobyMike

    ScoobyMike OG Mod

    welcome to the dark side......
  7. ZenMotors

    ZenMotors Member

    Welcome! Nice car
  8. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Welcome Kevin, what are your plans? :wavey:
  9. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    welcome those bugeyes are kingwrx (blue) and i forget jonathans SN (silver). I used to live in his neighborhood too.

    you should drop by the dealership and say hello...
  10. mrWRXdude89

    mrWRXdude89 Member

    well i wanted to know what exhaust set up they had. im almost positive it was straight piped and it sounded awesome.

    well i wanna start off with the basics first like :

    -perrin short ram
    -perrin turbo inlet tube
    -blow off valve (but i heard bad things about them on stock wrxs) so its not for sure
    -wheels and tires
    -and lower the car.
    -i would like a boost gauge too

    any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. oneiguy

    oneiguy Active Member

    start with an ap v2. then sway bars, coilovers, tires and wheels, tranny, 2.5 block, then go for whatever power mods you desire.:)
  12. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    yeah NIX the BOV, and short rams promote high intake temps. not really bueno. do a cold air or leave the stock box and drop a k&n in there. the stock box is actually very efficient up to and around ~300-350hp

    and yeah King is straight piped. not sure about jonathan. wanna say its ebay exhaust.
  13. ballistic

    ballistic Member

    nice, I'm trying to get rid of my prelude for a wrx too. welcome
  14. 2thAche

    2thAche Member

    Congrats and welcome/
  15. RSConvert

    RSConvert ɹǝuɹnʇpɐǝɥ uʞnɟɐɥnɯ ɐ sʇı Supporting Member

  16. Mike@TTR

    Mike@TTR Active Member

    Good looking ride. +1 on no short ram and the APv2. Add a turbo back exhaust and things start to get fun. Personally I would leave the stock intake box in there and put the money towards other mods.

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