High Clutch Engagement

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    Sup guys!!

    I've struggled with this same thing on my 02 wrx and now with my 06 Sti.

    I feel like my clutch engagement is way too high. When I say high I mean the clutch is almost fully released before it actually grabs. I've read that many Subaru owners struggle with this and hate it. For one, it always puts your foot in a awkward angle. Two, makes it hard to drive in traffic.... long story short, its pain in the butt.

    What are some of, if any fixes for this? Is it possible to lower the engaging point or adjust the clutch pedal? Brand new clutch with less than 1000 miles Broke it in for 300 miles before passing 4k RPM. Then casual driving with rare occasion pulls.

  2. bluedestiny

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    I still have my OEM clutch, and its still in the sweet spot, and really does not have this issue however I do have some suggestions based on past experience with other vehicles.

    Depending on what the OEM spec is, lets say if one measures and finds this distance is 'normal'based on the specification, there would be two options - [assuming there the system is bled]

    A. Adjust the threaded rod at the pedal
    B. add a spacer below the floor mat of the appropriate thickness to just simply reduce the travel.

    The engineering principle is that that the hydraulic system is self adjusting and once the clutch is beyond the disengagement point, the excess travel is wasted motion. This fix is the equivalent of the short throw shifter applied to the clutch.

    I did this simple fix on both my VW's from another era and the result was awesome.

    The MCoupe of a friend that I have driven would have this fix applied in a heartbeat.
  3. LoveMyNewSoob

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    I was having a similar issue where my pedal would not release back every time. After spending a couple hours contorted down by the pedals, I found the rod that Chip mentions. The nut on top had come lose and the rod too i guess. I gave it a few turns by hand and everything seems back to normal.

    This is the rod:


    FYI, I did read in a couple places that adjusting this to much might cause some problems.

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