Holiday tuning special - $250!!

Discussion in 'TopSpeed Motorsports' started by Mike@TSM, Dec 9, 2016.

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    So here's the deal, it's the holidays and most of us cars guys (& girls) know, we tend to get the short end of the stick on gifts for our hobby. Inevitably you wind up with car cleaning supplies that you wouldn't touch your 89 Honda Accord daily beater with or some really neat garage art that really isn't all that neat - well here's your chance to get something that you can actually use for almost half off.

    TSM is offering our standard ProTune Service for only $250 until the Christmas Holiday. That's $150 off our normal charge of $399!! This offer includes one fuel type, up to two hours of dyno time including the strap down to the dyno and a street check after. Each additional hour or second fuel will add only $125 for you flex fuel or race gas people. We do require an appointment for this service and you can call or email Mike for more details: 678-297-7770 or

    We do already have some bookings between now and Christmas so if you're in need of a tune don't wait because once we book the dates, it's over!

    Oh and if you don't already know Taylor or would like to read up on some of his handy work, feast your eyes on this wonderful thread right here: On the Dyno at TSM! -

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    Yes! If you're on the fence jump!
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    You guys have been keeping me busy!! There are still a few spots left for next week I believe, but the end of the year is coming quickly! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

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