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Discussion in 'Member Journals & Project Build Stories' started by vwcollector, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    Hello there, I'm obviously new here and this is my first Subaru...

    yup, I bought the beast...

    now, somewhere between Eddie's awesome job building it and the car ending in my hands, something got lost in translation and I'm having a really hard time getting the car back to its original awesomeness...

    Here is the story, and hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction...

    I bought the car as a fully built car, 650hp, bulletproof blahblahblah...ready to be driven anywhere, as hard as I wanted etc etc etc...

    paid for it and drove it home...

    noticed that it was smoking pretty bad, but who knows...

    checked the oil, was pretty black and low, did an oil change with Pentosin 5w-40 fully synthetic and the oil turned black within 5 minutes of idling...

    the car was pretty fast but definitely didn't have 650hp...and it was now a confirmed smoke used a quart of oil in 15 minutes of driving...
    The ginourmous turbo is pretty damn blown on it (and it was supposedly brand new)

    also, no idle, after it would stall, it took forever to re start etc...

    loud as hell, no mufflers and an open dump from the turbo...

    I'm a big fan of sleepers and live in a really cop heavy area, so, some major back to stock look makeover was is what I've done so far:

    sold the enkei rpf1s that came with it and replaced with 2010 WRX gunmetal wheels with brand new tires as well as longer studs and spacers to clear the STI Brembo brakes.

    removed the bike racks and roof cross bars.

    raised the coilovers as high as they would go, about one to two inches lower than stock which looks nice but it doesn't raise any suspicion of whats under the hood...

    replumbed the open dump back to the exhaust and added 3 3" mufflers under the car and installed stock looking exhaust tips...the exhaust tips that were on the car looked like straight out of the space shuttle...

    moved the apexi boost controller from blocking the cluster into the cubby where the radio used to be and installed inline reducers into the stock radio to be able to use it with the awesome speakers, amps and sub that came with the car...

    replaced the badgeless black grille with a modified to fit outback wagon OEM grille...(I didn't like the look of the stock Legacy grille).

    and for last, replaced the turbo with a smaller one, because the 6262 took forever to spool...

    now this is where I'm having problems:

    I want to replace the injectors with smaller units, 2200cc is just too much, 1000ccs would be ideal...

    I need to tune the car for the more restricted exhaust, the smaller turbo and the loss of the open dump...apparently the car was tuned with a Cobb AP tuner that didn't come with the car...

    how can I tuned it now? I've heard the ECU becomes locked when tuned with the AP...

    sorry for the mile long first post...:)
  2. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    aaaand a little bit of background on me...

    I'm a VW guy since forever, own a VW shop and I'm a very known and reputable tuner within the VW community...

    I can do all the stuff that this car have on on VWs, but I'm pretty lost with this new car...everything is different, all the tools and tuning software are completely different...

    so, I know what I need to do, just don't have a clue of how to do it on a Subaru...and I'm frustrated to the point I'm considering retrofitting VW sensors and ECU into this car so at least I know how to tune it...
  3. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    things that I still want to do to the car:

    replace the short shifter with a stock STI shifter.

    remove the gauges on the pillar.

    put the covers where the fog lights used to be and put some sort of grille to hide the FMIC.

    put a more civilized clutch.

    install a normal boost gauge.
  4. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    just curious... And not trying to be a jerk... But why did you buy such a beast just to return to stock?
  5. WRboXer

    WRboXer Active Member


    Awesome job man, take some pictures. Will be a subtle sleeper for sure. What turbo did you end up going with?

    As far as the Cobb and tuning, it should have come with the Cobb accessport, if it didnt its time to call cobb directly.
  6. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    When I left the car the AP was in it.

    I would have told you everything about the car if I was involved with the sale. Good Luck!
  7. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    Nice story. Good luck with the car.
  8. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    You're not a jerk, you just not paying attention lol...

    This car is not going anywhere near stock, I'm just trying to make it more fun to drive in normal conditions and make it waaaay more discreet...
  9. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    I know man, I wish I had talked to you before buying the car, but oh well...

    You still can help me find the missing link between your awesome car and what actually end up in my hands...

    I'll PM you my number...
  10. J_P

    J_P I like pudding pops Supporting Member

    Welcome! Look forward to seeing what you do to it.
  11. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    I end up going with the same Precision Turbo 6262, but with the smallest compressor available, to try and get a much lower spool rpm...

    I don't mind ending up with a 400hp car instead of the 580whp that the car had with race gas...but I need something more driveable on the streets...

    how do you post pictures here? do you have to have a photobucket account or something like that?
  12. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    THAT car will never run right without the roof rack, buy a bike for it and she'll run better

    good luck
  13. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

  14. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    I'm loving this site, I'm finding lots of answers about the mysteries of this car...

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!
  15. K. Marx

    K. Marx Member

    I like this wagon and I dig your modifications thus far. Have you gotten to run a compression test on it yet? Hopefully the oil usage was due to a bad turbo and nothing else.

    Just out of curiosity, and you don't have to answer this, but I am wondering...

    Did you buy this from the owner of a performance shop up in Marietta?
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  16. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    He actually bought it from me but I really wasnt involved with the sale other than signing the title over.
  17. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    Through the "performance shop in Marietta?"
  18. benfrancis

    benfrancis Member

    I'd love to check out this car if you have the time near kennesaw/marietta/ smyrna sometime. Fellow lgt pushing big #'s! Integroid did hella work into this car!
  19. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    What ever happened to this guy? We need updates!
  20. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    Still have the car, thinking about selling it soon...Its just too wild to be daily driven...
  21. chameleon

    chameleon Member


    I have seen this only car only once in the past when it was owned by Integroid ... Lovely build ... Hope it finds a good home if you sell it.
  22. digitizedsoul

    digitizedsoul Moderation is a vice Supporting Member

    Hot potato?
    someone please love this car, it deserves it :(

    new allpro shop car?

  23. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    I'm thinking about bringing it back to stock-ish and part it out with stock parts plus cash...anyone interested in any parts from it?
    Brand new 6262 precision turbo with less than 200 miles on it, plus all the stuff from Integroid's original build thread...
  24. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    copied and pasted from original build thread:

    Ported/Polished Fully Worked AVCS Heads
    Supertech SS +1MM Intake Valves
    Supertech Inconel +1MM Exhaust Vavles
    BC Valve Springs
    BC Ti Retainers
    BC 272 AVCS Cams

    EJ255 Shortblock
    Eagle Rods
    Mahle 100MM Pistons
    ACL Race Bearings
    ARP Studs
    11MM Oil Pump
    Oil Passage Mods
    Gates Racing Timing Belt
    JDM TGV Housings
    Bosch 1000CC Injectors
    TurboXS Fuel Rails

    TSPmotorsports EL Header
    Ball Racing Rotated Kit
    Precision 6262 V-band turbo
    Greddy SPII Exhaust
    Tial BOV
    Cobb APv2
    Custom 3.5 Inlet and MAF housing
    Fuel Labs FPR
    EBAY FMIC (and proud of it!)

    BC Racing X-Overs (F-8K, R-10k)
    Whiteline F&R Sway Bars
    Perrin End Links
    Perrin PSRS
    STI Brembo Calipers
    Stoptech STI Slotted Front Rotors
    DBA 4000 Rear Rotors
    Hawk HP+ F&R Pads
    SS Brake Lines
    ACT 6Puck Sprung Clutch
    ACT Streetlite FW
    Rota Tarmac 2 18X8
    235/40/18 Bridgestone RE01r

    Alpine Head Unit in cubby
    JL 300/2
    JL 300/4
    JL 10W3 Custom Stealth Enclosure
    DLS UP6i front speakers
    STi Shift Knob
    Apexi AVCR
  25. fastnfurious7

    fastnfurious7 Member

    Trade for a super steetable 2003 WRX bugeye wagon? :rofl: Very cool car, man. Wish I could take it off your hands.
  26. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    with some cash on your end, yes. :)
  27. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    Bad deal.....
  28. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    Just saw some pics of it, not what I'm looking for...

    I want something stock looking, like my car, or just sell most of the mods on it and keep it...
  29. fastnfurious7

    fastnfurious7 Member

    Alas, I do not possess this cash you speak of. :)
  30. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    cash, what is this anyways? LOL
  31. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    Yup, unfortunately...and continued getting screwed after the sale with other cars there too...bad stuff from top to bottom...

    the sad part is that they used to be great, don't know when was the turning point...
  32. K. Marx

    K. Marx Member

    I hate to hear that.

    I used to hear great things about the "performance shop in Marietta" too, so back when I still had a WRX wagon I bought a 6 speed from them and had them do the install so I would get a warranty.

    That is, to this day, one of the worst car related decisions I've ever made. That experience turned out to be a shit show from the start, and I lost my ass trying to get it sorted out. Got my money back for the trans after threatening to go to court, but still lost plenty on labor and replacing other parts that were supposedly causing the issue although it was the "warrantied" trans causing the problem the whole time. I finally wised up, cut my losses, and sorted the matter out elsewhere. Only took me over a YEAR to get my car back in order, and TWO years to get reimbursed.

    I won't say any more, as I've tried to keep my mouth shut about the deal to avoid drama and give the shop the benefit of a doubt.

    In the world of tuning, dealing with a bad shop is like getting stuck at a gambling table. You keep throwing out money in hopes that you'll eventually break even, but the reality is that you'll just get deeper and deeper in the hole. You've eventually got to walk away before the hole just gets too deep to ever climb out of.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2014
  33. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    Is this 'shop' still in business?

    Not trying to start drama but it would be nice to know of the shop in case another member is looking for a place to do the work.

    However if I owned a Subaru and didn't want to do the work myself no one else would touch it other than Allpro!
  34. vwcollector

    vwcollector Member

    I pretty much cut my losses too after almost an year into this deal...

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