How to get the word out?

Discussion in 'Meta' started by rsutton1223, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. crazyazn

    crazyazn I like naps Staff Member Supporting Member

    I think an install day would be great! especially for me in the next few weeks :p
  2. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    Sure but they were always the same people it seemed from wrxatlanta. I saw just as many wrxatlanta members at the Monster Truck show at the dome:)
  3. RoMe

    RoMe Active Member

    Years ago we have a Evo and WRX/STi meet that would be cool to do again. The Subaru challenge was a good time too. But that would obviously take a good amount of planning and $.


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  4. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    You have to give the people a reason to come out.

    Besides knowledge and the same ~40 or so active members, what is teasing someone to join this community? We can be the most friendly and helpful forum out there...but, what would make someone want to cross the threshold of lurking?

    What content can we provide that other forums don't?
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  5. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    Need to look into non-car related activities. Rafting trips, paintball, stuff that groups can do together.

    I'm working with a facility that has an indoor AirSoft facility...we could have an "All-Day Welcome to shoot your new friends!" event.

    Also, there is no true leadership on this forum. It's not designed for that. Yes, Alex is the president, but how many people have met him? Most of the more senior members and moderators don't even WRX's or even Subarus anymore.

    The only way to get the word out, is to use all the free exposure on social media as there is no funding for anything else. We are lucky just to be able to post and have this forum. I think there are 12 other supporting members besides myself.

    How do we get more supporting members? What features besides a secret sub forum and the snazzy feeling that you contribute, does this forum have to offer someone with $5 a month?
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  6. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    Anybody know the name of the of the game kneeling on the front left. The spanish looking dude. Was that pacobeagle from nasioc?
  7. MeFryRice

    MeFryRice Member

    I'm a little late to this thread but figured I'd comment.

    Before I joined this forum, I always heard that this forum was much like 240Atlanta where it was filled with a bunch of drama and assholes. Has anyone else heard this? Maybe things were different in the past when both Forged and TSM were both active members. Members' attitude has a big play in new members and if they see a handful of us being a-holes to one another then that will most likely deter them to look elsewhere. Obviously I decided to check out the forum myself and thought it was much more pleasant than I was led to believe.

    In regards to the cards, I think they can be used but not necessarily to place on people's cars. I hate when I go to events like C&O and come back to my car littered with all sorts of advertising but if placed appropriately, they're not a bad idea. Common sense is to not place them on the car if it looks like it's about to rain. Word of mouth and reaching out to other large forums will help tremendously. When MX5Atlanta was originated a couple years ago, we added the forum link in our signatures on other MX5 forums we were active on and also used cards. The majority of new members were from other forums that just happened to be local.

    Having more group gatherings outside of just tech days will draw attention. I think most of the Subaru community enjoy the outdoors; start off doing something small & cheap like tubing down the hooch or similar. It could be a mountain run up to Helen, have lunch and go tubing. It wouldn't have to be anything expensive.

  8. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    We should be open and accepting to's that elitist attitude, oh nevermind.

    edit: he's racist.
  9. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    A yearly cabin trip or camping trip is always fun. We do it twice a year on this other forum I am on and its always a good time
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    I think wrx Atlanta shirts could be pretty cool. I always tell people about the site when I meet fellow Subaru enthusiast.
  11. RBillings

    RBillings Member

    Input from a lurker:

    My honest perception of this forum has always been that it's a small group of tight knit guys. Now that isn't a bad thing at all, but as a new-comer you definitely get the feeling of being outside of the group. It feels a bit like walking into "Cheers" and trying to get a beer with Norm.

    I'm 29 years old and have been into cars since I was 15 and have always been on forums. I used to be very involved in the Honda community, but now that I am older I have a hard time making time to get out to meets. I prefer to use forums for research as well as to buy/sell parts.

    In all honesty though, I'm not sure how interested I am in meeting up at people's houses, restaurants etc . I would be interested in parking lot meets, dyno days, track days etc. I think it seems like more neutral ground so for somebody like myself who isn't extremely open as it is, it's much easier to meet and talk to people.

    Personally I would LOVE to see a Subaru track day set up. Autox is fun and cheap but I never felt like I got enough seat time for the amount of time/work I invested. I attended a track day hosted by a new company called Just Track It at AMP in April of this year. I put 80+/- miles on the track, a total of almost 2 hours of driving. It cost me 225 dollars, totally worth it IMO. They have another event that myself and another friend with a GR sti are already signed up for in the 25th of this month. Again 225 dollars for 5 20 minute sessions. I would love to see more guys out using their cars!

    Just some input from 1 person, take it with a grain of salt.
  12. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    The two I went to were very lacking....saw you and Shringles....maybe 5 other wrxatl people.

    Exactly. Forged usually has HUGE dyno days in November that look to be way more successful.

    Used to do that back in the day....I still have my WRXAtlanta shirt.

    Very good suggestion but from experience most people are flat out broke to spend track time. However some sort of come join and watch may be successful? Perhaps a small feel to ride along with the hopes it will trigger the desire for the rider to track their own car would work as well?
  13. digitizedsoul

    digitizedsoul Moderation is a vice Supporting Member

    Just don't track your car under warranty.
    It's considered "abuse / aggresive driving"
    And yes, even if it's an SOA sponsored track day.

    This is also a large deterrent IMO.
  14. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member offense intended...but dropping this into every thread on WRXATL now is overkill. We know what happened to your car. There are plenty of people that track their car with zero issues or track it knowing the risks.

    I get you are pissed at what happened.
  15. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    That dyno day is a shop sponsored one and not brand specific or sponsored by an outside community. That is the reason it is so big. I believe the ones they were referring to in this post were the "Subaru dyno days".
    Actually...from what I have heard about past track events with this community they were very successful. That also might have been when there was more activity though so there would need to be an increase in member first but it should still be kept in mind for the future.
  16. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    This is not a G2G idea does WRXAtlanta promote itself to attract new members?
  17. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    The Topspeed one was also the same was open to all cars....and it failed miserably for some reason. Nothing Topspeed did....just no one really came to it. Maybe just bad timing.
  18. digitizedsoul

    digitizedsoul Moderation is a vice Supporting Member

    This has nothing to do with what happened to my car, it's a fact worth sharing to prevent anyone from having issues with SOA like so many have, which just by coincidence includes me.

    It's called looking out for your friends, and sharing factual information. Not everyone has bottomless pockets, sponsors, or whatever.

    You should take a look at the potential hypocrisy at play here considering it was you who started a thread about attracting more members.

    Ya'll have fun in here.
  19. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    But G2G are a big part of attracting new members in my opinion. When I owned a Subaru and I saw groups of other Subarus it prompted me to see what was up. I joined a NC group purely by passing through and seeing a group of them in a parking lot just chatting.
  20. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    Yeah not sure then. Maybe bad timing or not getting the word out. I wasn't there so I have no clue.

    Take a deep breath and calm down before posting.
  21. crazyazn

    crazyazn I like naps Staff Member Supporting Member

    I like the idea of hopefully doing a organized track day of some sort.

    A former co-worker and member on here got me to finally go out to a Autox (also made my sister happy I was bonding with my bro-inlaw). After a ride along, it got into me, and I'm hoping to get into it with my car.

    There was definitely a nice showing of subaru's there, and it made me wonder if we can put up a tent with our banner and have water for people or some sort of 'support tent'.

    Overall I like our dinner meets, we have been getting new people trickling in and staying, but I do agree that maybe we can cater towards some more sporting events in some way. Sure as superhawk mentioned, its not necessarily in the budgets of everyone, but maybe that added exposure can give us more presence and show people we are trying to be there and have fun.
  22. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    hell, even the dinner meets might be out of the budget for some. Besides, who wants to go and sit down to eat with a bunch of strangers? It can be awkward. Sometimes, people like to stay behind the keyboard.

    10 Subarus all lined up in a parking lot will even get negative attention from mall security and business owners.

    The site needs does that happen?
  23. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    Google ads?

    Just a shot in the
  24. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    Honestly not a bad idea if you have funding and someone who can manage tracking the return. We don't have either though.

    A strong social push (ie. Facebook, Instagram) I think would go a long way...and it's free! More events outside of the dinner meets would be cool too but I think we do have an organizational issue where there are ideas but no one to actually organize them.
  25. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    Robb, why don't you take over the reigns? Bring this site to the next level?

    All for Robb?? :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:
  26. crazyazn

    crazyazn I like naps Staff Member Supporting Member

    yes, i do agree and recall many funky stare downs from security on some dinner meets. Fortunately, all the times I've been there, they have all acknowledged that we are just hanging out and kept on moving.
    Actually, when we were at cheesburger in paradise last year, I went back to the deck for some photos on the weekend, and the same cop looped up and recalled my car and had a chat. He mentioned in addition to checking out for idiots, he was also making sure our cars were ok after he established we weren't any trouble.

    As far as more positive exposure, I'm at a loss outside of face to face events, because I always viewed this club as a excuse to get out of my house or office and hang out with like minded car people.
  27. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    We definitely need to get back into the motorsports aspect... We used to have all kinds of wrxatl sponsored auto-x stuff and even did a race series with other clubs in Atlanta...such as SELOC and S2k atlanta.

    Having said that, everyone knows that if you track your car, your warranty is pretty much null and void...if something drivetrain related breaks.
  28. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    Funny. I am willing to help where I can for sure but I am not in a position where I can head anything up at this point. Life is pretty damn busy.

    Edited to add: I too use the dinner meets as an excuse to get away from work for a second and hang out. Too bad I have been out of town for the last couple.
  29. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    Exactly. Even the powers at be that run this community are too damn busy.

    Unless there is a major overhaul to the website design and structure, more attractive content, and sponsors...this forum will stay exactly as it is.

    Unless someone else wants to volunteer...
  30. crazyazn

    crazyazn I like naps Staff Member Supporting Member

    Heck I'm up for helping with social media outlets, I'm still not regularly employed, so I can prob squeeze in some time to push pics or something :p

    I however, don't really know the ways of social internets.
  31. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    This is how I found pretty much a given that most all forum people that own Subarus will find NASIOC first. I, myself, was on Nasioc first and I met online a guy named Milo. He would all the time go on Nasioc and let people in Ga, Fl, SC know about the WRXAtlanta site.

    Many people found out that way.
  32. Al.SpecB

    Al.SpecB Member

    Just my .02. First off, This is gonna sound all over the place, Im at work trying to word my thoughts on here and work at the same time.

    I think its pretty simple, just go to the other local meets as a group. Kinda of like " We are WRXAtlanta. Get to know us and join up. Come to Our bi-weekly meet." kinda thing. I think the cards are a good idea if we do go to other local meets and HAND them to other Subaru owners and talk with them, not just leave on their glass and walk away. Ill be honest the first meet I came to was a bit intimidating because I didn't know anyone. So I know it tough to break into an already tight group of friends. But I think meeting people outside of our bi-weekly meets would help ease that awkward first meet.

    Also not just local meets but events too like Autocross events and track days, Import Alliance stuff like that. Not everyone has to compete or run but just to be there as a group supporting those that are to show that we are a helping community.

    This is just me spitballin' here, what do I know, I drive a :rofl:
  33. Al.SpecB

    Al.SpecB Member

    I think maybe something like featuring a members car , specs and a small bio. Every so often would be a good idea. Maybe some group pics at the meets.
  34. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    I agree with the Al.SpecB. Show up to the other stuff while keeping in mind to respect others tastes and preferences. I can't personally stand the Honda crowd and some of the things they do but I respect their choice to do what they like on their own car.
  35. RBillings

    RBillings Member

    I understand that some don't have the disposable cash to throw around at things like track days but like others have said, its great fun just to spectate. Unfortunately AMP is not a very good spectator track. Road Atlanta however is great fun, even just to go watch the standard NASA and SCCA races.

    I understand the purpose of the thread is to find a way to grow the site, IMO events are what cause that. Unless you just have endless content for people to use as a resource you aren't going to attract people to a site just for the site. I would say the vast majority would go straight to NASIOC for any form of research. Things like meets and events sponsored by the site or at least organized by the site are what will bring people from other sites such as IA, or even that are not a part of a forum. If word gets out that there is a Subaru track day that you have to be on WRXAtlanta to sign up for I am certain that at least a few would join for just that. Once you are here you have a reason to come back. Obviously nothing is going to blow up immediately, it all takes time.

    I feel like the Subaru community, at least around me OTPNW, is fairly strong. I get lots of Suby waves, and always return them if I notice the car. There has got to be a way to get more people here.
  36. digitizedsoul

    digitizedsoul Moderation is a vice Supporting Member

    My apologies Robb / etc.
    Was just trying to make sure no one ended up in the same situation I have found myself in. Carry on, ignore my emotional display.
  37. MeFryRice

    MeFryRice Member

    I notice more and more people are starting to use IG. Tagging Subaru in the photos would definitely be beneficial for the site with little effort needed. Hell, I don't mind handling that account if needed or even maybe one if the guys that works at SoK can post up cool things they see at the dealership and/or they work on meanwhile also tagging the forum in the photos.

    What if we were to create a charity event for around the holidays? It would show a positive that we're a caring group of people and receive good recognition. Just food for thought.
  38. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    Yea, we used to have toys for tots mountain runs which were a big success
  39. Stetson

    Stetson Member

    folks still interested in growing the community? I'd love to see some more get togethers and track days with the Subaru crowd...


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