HTC One or S4

Discussion in 'Meta' started by salimjim, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. salimjim

    salimjim Member

    I'm a long time iphone user and switching to an adroid for my next upgrade. Just wanted to know what everyone thinks about the 2 phones. I'm leaning more towards the HTC One. Thanks
  2. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    I think you would be happy with either. I have the Note 2, which is amazing as well. Read this thread as it discusses the S4... and also the transfer from iPhone to Android, which, it sounds like most people are disappointed. I've never had an iPhone, but my best friend runs both and echos what most are saying on here... That the iPhone is more polished, more user friendly, and generally just plain works. I've been Android from the start, I like that you can customize and theme Android with a huge developer base to help. I also like that when new tech is available, there will always be an Android phone that has it, unlike iPhone where they make tiny improvements over time (larger screens, NFC, infered(spell?), google wallet etc....). The two phones you mentioned have similar specs and both get great reviews. I hear the Octocore is coming soon, so I'd wait if you can....
  3. bixs

    bixs Supporting Member

    I'm waiting on out on a chance at the HTC One on verizon. I have another coworker that went to the ATT store and held the HTC one, said after playing with it for a little bit he was going to wait it out too to see if he could get it on verizon in a month or two (still not announced).

    I'd be interested to hear a review about the feel of the phone. The S4 has got huge specs, but it's still plastic/cheap feeling from the reviews I read. iphone is so unbelievably nice to hold and use. It's smooth OS, but I feel like I'm using a phone designed for 5 year olds. Great phone though..

    I love Samsung, and I know the last phone I bought was the economy samsung model, but jesus christ it was the worst phone I've ever experienced. I would have been happier switching back to an old flip phone on some days.
  4. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    I've had terrible luck with samsung phones. my nexus S had an internal problem where the flash memory wouldn't mount. my galaxy nexus has the WORST RADIO on the planet. The USB port disintegrated on it at one point.

    holding out for the google/motorola phone. trying to find some info on it through work, but they're being tight lipped about it.
  5. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    Samsungs phones have been getting cheaper and cheaper in quality as of late. Sharif @ Forged just got him a HTC One. I know he is picky with his phones and from what I have researched on it, it is a great phone.

    One problem with many of the new phones is the screens are getting entirely too big to function as a phone. So big you can't put them in your pocket without looking like you stole a brick.
  6. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    Its all relative to hand size. I have big hands and the Note size phones work perfect for me. I can still operate everything on the phone with one hand while driving, changing the radio, and drinking coffee....

    If you are a big fan of skinny jeans and fedoras then it might not be the phone for you because it will look like you stole a brick. But when its in my pocket it feels just like every other phone.

    The first couple of days I had it I considered getting rid of it because it was "to big" but after having it for a couple of days it I was fine with it.

    That being said I think the S4 is about the perfect size. I just wish it felt more solid like the HTC 1.
  7. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    no skinny jeans here. But I don't have gorilla hands
  8. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    In my personal experience HTC build quality seems far better than any Samsung phone I have owned. This includes having both the HTC Evo 4G and SIII phones. My HTC EVO 4G had a camera issue so the sprint store gave me a SIII to replace it since they were out of stock on the EVO 4G...The HTC had a better feel to it and did not feel like a cheap plastic phone like the SIII. The HTC phone is on par with the feel and build quality of an Iphone.
  9. Strayen

    Strayen Active Member

    I went from a Samsung S3 to an Evo 8x and i have no regrets. If the HTC you want is anything like the 8x, it will feel very good in your hands. The 8x fits well in my back pocket and has similar battery life to my iphone4. Samsung never gave good battery life; that alone makes HTC better.
  10. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    I agree about the build quality of Samsung vs. HTC. I had the HTC EVO 4G for a few months and it was much prettier, and more solid than my Note 2. That being said, The Note kicked the Evo's ass in virtually every other catagory. I'm having zero issues that plagued the S3. And, while the S4 and Note series are "plasticy", I'd say it was a stretch to say they feal cheap. As far as the giant screens... I am giant 6 4", so I guess its less of an issue. It did feel ginormus for the first few days... but, once I got used to it, I could never go back. When I pick up an iPhone, it looks tiny and unusable :))). I guess its similar to TV's... once you get a 60", you can't go back to a 42"....
  11. rsutton1223

    rsutton1223 Obsessed Supporting Member

    The S4 doesn't feel cheap...just like plastic. The HTC Evo One has a nice build quality but it isn't iPhone build quality. The HTC Evo One was a turn off to me because of the overlay they put Android. It is terrible in comparison to Touch Wiz by Samsung. Granted, I will probably root and customize at some point which will negate all of that but that will be with time.

    In the hand, the S4 feels much better than the S3 or the Note 2 thanks to the squared off top corner. They are finally getting away from the rounded off clamshell design. The S4 also comes with the latest version of Android which the HTC does not.

    I'll be keeping this S4 thus giving Android a true shot in my mobile life this time. It is not as polished as the iPhone or iOS but I want something different for I picked the S4.

    This is coming from a lifetime iPhone/Mac user that also currently owns a Note 2, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Galaxy S4 and has owned a S3 and S2.
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  12. ChrisW

    ChrisW Member

    Last year, I bought the Evo 4g LTE (One X with a few extras) and got the S3 for work within a few weeks of each other. While the HTCs build quality is better than its Samung counterpart, I find myself barely using the evo in place of the s3. The UI, screen, and battery life on the s3 are all superior to that of the LTEvo.

    The One looks great, and Im sure anyone would be happy with it. Having said that, after playing around with my friends S4 over the weekend, Im sure the Samsung phone will still trump the One.
  13. salimjim

    salimjim Member

    After about a month I bought the HTC One but returned it after 2 weeks. I feel like I need a home button and the top button was not working for me and the keyboard felt weird to me. I guess I'll wait to see what apple does for WWDC and go from there.
  14. chameleon

    chameleon Member

    Im coming into this pretty late but as nice as the HTC One is I would still go with the S4. I doubt u will be disappointed.
  15. yerrow

    yerrow Active Member

    i'm trying to decide if the features of the S4 is worth the money over the S3

    it seems almost excessively gimmicky

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