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Discussion in 'General Community' started by supergopher, Jan 5, 2018.

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    I'm trying this again. I want some true advice from real people.
    Listen, hear me out, please,
    I jumped on the wrx train in 2003 and bought a brand new 2003 bugeye in 2003.
    I still have it. But I bought a new 2014 wrx in 2014, because of work and I couldnt put too much time into helping the '03. the '03 has been fixed and is so much more fun to drive, I dont drive the '14 at all. The battery is dead, actually, and it took me 6 months to get the emissions. I still dont drive the '14 because i have to jump it constantly!
    I inherited my dead brothers '96 Ford Bronco. I spent over 2k to get it running again.
    The Bronco and the Bugeye are sentimental. I have 3 cars now! Its too much for me, think about insurance, tags, and upkeep.
    Here's the question...
    should I cut my loses and sell all 3 for a new STI?... meh...
    just sell the '14 and use the proceeds to update the bugeye and Bronco?
    the bugeye and Bronco run well but need lots of cosmetic work.
    Stay old scjhool with two classics, or consolidate and have one automoblie? 1 new STI.
    What Im thinking is sell the '14 and Bronco and make the Bugeye look "factory."

    anyone want to put in their two cents?
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