Part Review IXIZ V2 Clutch Stop for 2015 STI

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    Coming from the BMW world this mod is very common. Usually consisting of metal rings and furniture stops I was very pleased to find that Ming, owner of IXIZ, made a very high quality clutch stop (CNC)specifically for Subarus & Saabarus. We had a great experience in the past with his products on our 2013 WRX and it was absolutely mandatory to give our new STI the IXIZ treatment.

    This mod is incredible. My wife is about 5 feet tall and couldn't drive her 2015 STI comfortably before this mod (she'd have to lean in to push the clutch). We purchased the newly revised version and paid Ming a reasonable fee to have it installed. Wow what a difference! It's adjustable so we had it installed just right below the grab point and this kills so much dead space! No interference with any of the factory switches and no holes to drill. This is the way that it should have came from the factory. It's a total night and day difference.

    Thanks again Ming!


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