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  1. clemsonscooby

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    I am sort of a new member. I have been on the boards for a couple of months now. I finally got some really good pictures taken of my car last Thursday. The photographer is trying to setup a portfolio for himself, but the shots look very professional. All upgrades were DIY'ed. Some of the installs I was running back and forth from these boards trying to get help, thanks for those that did help. I am still far from finished with the modifications. The near future I hope to get a highflow cat in the midpipe, Cobb AP Stage 2, and some additional suspension upgrades for Autox.

    My gallery link: http://www.wrxatlanta.com/forums/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=47
    The photographers link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cuenin/sets/72057594115176197/

    The other cars shown are a turboed protege ES and a Focus with a lot of suspension upgrades. We autox together at CSCC and other places, but I was surprised that none of the cone marks showed up in the pictures :sx: .
    Let me know what you guys think...
  2. clemsonscooby

    clemsonscooby Active Member

    Sample picture.

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  3. Weapon

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    looking good man :bigthumb:
  4. suby113

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    pretty cool!:tasty:
  5. flip

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    Nice :)
  6. clemsonscooby

    clemsonscooby Active Member

    Definitely my favorite. We had some Celica drive behind us on accident. We figured just keep letting it expose to see if something cool would happen. I like how it makes the cars glow underneath.

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  7. wrxin8or

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    Car looks great as usual

    Oh, and BTW, is that protege fast? I see it all the time, and always wondered if it was or not.
  8. nineplusone

    nineplusone New Member

    That is a nice effect. I gotta get some pics of my ride like them.
  9. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    reminds me of my old car :wtc:
    nice pics
  10. lostinthewoods

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  11. Alex

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    Looks great man, what sorta camera?
  12. clemsonscooby

    clemsonscooby Active Member

    Yes, he is pretty fast. Its a VF22 right next to the engine, so it spools super fast. He can get me by a car from 35mph, but I can take him from a stop. I don't think there is anything he hasn't done to the suspension. It definitely needs a diff with all the extra power he is putting down, but its really fun.

    Thanks for the compliments. I was kind of worried about the rockblocker eyelids, but thanks for the approval milo.

    It was a digital camera. I am not sure of the brand or anything. When we were taking pictures it was actually kind of dark, but the camera takes three exposures. It takes a dark, light, and medium exposure and combines the three. We got really lucky because he did all the work for free because he is trying to get sponsored by an automotive magazine, so we are building him a portfolio.
  13. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    no problem at all... the car is looking sweet :bigthumb:
  14. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    so clean man...props
  15. knhtrdr

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  16. AWD_Tiger

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    Looks great Tom:bigthumb:

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